What fresh hell is this?

My broccoli heads - what’s happening?

Sunburn? We used to use clothes pins to pull the leaves up over broccoli heads to protect them.

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Maybe, but we had almost no sun and lots of rain for about five days straight.

The florets that are discolored are rotten and slimy.


I’ve pulled a lot of brassicas so far this year - bok choi bolted, broccoli and cauliflower buttoned. Now I see the leaves drooping and wilting after a flooding rain

You gotta know when to fold’m

I can use the space for bush beans


Hard to tell in the pic but isn’t it just the flowers trying to open? Should not affect the taste at all. Looks like a large size head for going into summer!

Just saw this part. Huh, wonder if the rain is causing the rot?

They actually smell bad as you go up to them. Like something rotting.

Brassicas smell bad when something has damaged their tissues several days prior - just like if you left out chopped cabbage on the counter. To figure our what has been eating it, discect the head and check the back of them. Sometimes aphids of some sort, but the ‘slime’ factor makes me think the tops were damaged by slugs - which love brassicas.

I swear Lois we keep having the same issues. Broccoli was buttoning. Cabbage leaves look droopy. Kale is fine though.

I just yanked a bunch of Rabe and put in Provider Bush Beans.

Next up - bolting. We’re supposed to hit the 90s this weekend here and then a long hot spell

Kohlrabi and Napa cabbage always do well for me, not sure why. I’ve gotten good turnips also but only planted Tokyo Market turnips this spring, which were okay, not as great as I’d hoped they be. I eat purple top turnips in December like the Germans in 1917. Daily.

Bok Choi has always done well for me, even into summer, but this year it had already bolted before the heat came

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