What fruits did you eat today?


The wife and I did a taste test of Jonagold, Fuji, Pink Lady, Gala, Granny Smith, and Honeycrisp. All were purchased at a nearby grocers. The Jonagold was easily the best overall. The Gala came in last, as it was rather bland.


Gold Nugget mandarins, not perfectly ripe yet but still super delicious. Really glad to have planted this one!


Finally found these babies at my local flea/farmers market! FRESH PASSIONFRUIT! Some of these were about the size of a Kent Mango or a large clenched fist for comparison. At $6.99 a lb it cost me $11 for 4 medium sized fruit. Worth it. The scent is potent and the flavor is strong. Passionfruit is such complex flavor profile but compared to another variety I have sampled grapefruit stood out with undertones of banana pineapple and guava. Saved some seeds and will sow here in the next few days.


None from my garden.

But I got a CA citrus at a natural store. It was a sweet pomelo.


Lucky! I love passion fruit. But it will not grow here in 8B. I can not grow a few non fruiting passiflora. Snow Queen thrives even green in winter.


For breakfast I ate a crumpled Boskoop. This variety can look very ugly but still be perfectly edible. For dinner I ate a Granny Smith and a Rubinette. The Granny came from the cellar but the Rubinette had been in CA-storage. Both were still quite good in taste.


I have grown Passion fruit in ground in Washington DC Zone 7a for several years. Granted its the standard Maypole cultivar but Passiflora is very expansive genus with regards to zones.


Yellow plums from Chile. Very palatable for February. It has a mild P americana taste. Low acid flesh with plum apricot flavors. The skin is tart, but it lessens as it begins to blush. They were yellow-green like Golden Transparent apples, but blush after a couple days on the counter top. These are a little more ripe than I like, but sweet and juicy. I prefer them 1/4-1/3 blushed.


My wife’s Aunt helped with the processing of jackfruit and calamansi. The jackfruit pictured is about 1/3 of what we bought. Paid less than $12 for the whole thing. It was huge and much cheaper than the previous jackfruit. The canned calamansi came from 12 kilos of fresh fruit.

The coconut is more expensive than it used to be. 3 for 100 pesos instead of 10 pesos each. $1 is about 50 pesos. Still cheap!


Another no-name yellow plum. These were the size of nectarines. The skin and flesh were strawberry-tart, with enough sugar to leave my lips sticky. Firm and slightly crunchy, semi-freestone. I will go back for more to see how they ripen on the counter top.


Does this count???:joy::joy::joy:

Nice apple fragrance and flavor!!! —-really…



I put on the N-95 mask and head to the Asian market and got a nice 35lbs Jack fruit, papaya, and some Sugarcane. Coop up in the house is not fun at all.

And also washed the 2 Teslas.


love it! It is just funny that some of the ugliest, wartiest, hairiest and intimidating: jackfruit/durian/rambutan/lychee/longan/pommelo happen to be some of the most flavorful fruits


I continue to pull blueberries and nectarines I packed last summer from the freezer. I’ll run out before new fruit is ready, though, My supply is getting low and my wife just brought her father here from his apt. in Jersey City so will shrink faster. I also still have a lot of pretty good apples in my storage fridge. I’m surprised how many varieties have remained reasonably crunchy this year. this late.


I know you are a doctor and have access to medical supplies. However, seeing all the grocery workers in my area worrying without the masks to protect themselves somehow this make me feel really sad. There are many simple online videos for making masks from material from what you have at home. They are no way as effective as the N-95. I make and wear them for other people’s peace of mind, but I mostly stay home for everyone’s sake.


Yes, I agreed with wearing masks for protection. The store owner even has an employee taking temperature of everyone before allowing them to enter the store. They have alcohol gel stationed through out the store and all their employees wore masks. I wish all stores follow this market on protection.


I’m spending this cold, rainy day inside eating dried persimmons and drinking green tea. The weather has me unmotivated to do any sort of gardening.


After a good workout moving all the pots, my wife made me a Walleye dish and a stir fry vegetables dish for lunch.



Is that your own dried persimmon? Look delish. Love your tea set.


I would marry your wife, too, if she is not already married to you :joy: