What fruits did you eat today?


Home grown apricots are the best. Even if you only get a crop one year out of four it’s worth it.


i love apricots. hopefully of all my adirondack gold blooms, some set fruit.


Sukari tamr dates stuffed with Walnuts, a traditional Arabian connoisseur’s delight. One of the best deserts to eat with a cup of coffee, tea or milk. Failed to measure the brix of the dates syrup, as it was above 55%…


I like them with almonds. Inexplicably, my kids thumb a nose at dates, Iv’e considered disowning them once or twice over it. I also get irrationally mad at the Veep episode where they made fun of them ‘dates apparently are a dessert’.


Apricots !


Wow, that got my mouth watering


You can stuff Medjool dates with walnuts too. Aldi carries good Medjools. I prefer Sukari a little more, and these you can find in middle eastern groceries.


Plums! I thought it was Howard’s Miracle when I grafted it but it is clingstone and too heart shaped. It has great flavor.


wonderful! i like stuffing medjool dates with cream cheese. a wonderful dessert!
I have never heard of Sukari dates :pleading_face:
I’ll have to see if i can find some!


They look like Beauty Plums.bb


A quick picking of strawberries this afternoon. The whites are the variety home depot sold last year. They aren’t as good as the reds (imo), but something different. Good year…almost no rot. Weather has been perfect. Have no idea what variety of red i grow. No more flowers so i think we are finishing up.


That’s a luxury! This year I had some hazelnuts around so I figured why not to try and now it has become my norm. When dates are a bit dry, I stuff them a little piece of unsalted butter and a couple hazelnuts. That’s right there many hundred calories :smiley:


Just got my first harvest of Cot-N-Candy White Aprium - happy grower here. Also finishing off the Stella cherries, and Desert Dawn nectarines. Also ate a few Montmorency sour cherries. The avalanche of Santa Rosa plums is a few days off.


My first ripe blackberry of 2020, PrimeArk Freedom

Been eating a few Juneberries this week. Pretty good flavor this year, but small!


What fruit did I eat today? Not strawberries, I have a chipmunk problem :pouting_cat:


First apricot harvest! So sweet!


New puppy likes nectarines!


Bought a whopper of a jackfruit today - smelling awfully good but needs a couple more days.
Boy they’re a pain to process, but worth it


Apricots, thanks to @Stan. The larger one is Moorpark and the smaller one is from an Anyacot seedling. The latter was sweeter at 21 brix, very nice to eat and reminded me of Anyacots I tasted at Andys. Moorpark however was uniquely flavorful and aromatic with a complex taste at 16 brix. The best apricot I’ve tasted.


Rainier cherries. 23-27 Brix. Some of the best I have tasted.

Pitting cherries with a my cherry pitter