What fruits did you eat today?


This is a White Mulberry at a customer’s place.A few were getting ripe,but it will be a few weeks yet.The tree is loaded.bb


Even your tea cup/mug is beautiful/artsy.


Thanks, I like it too. A Mother’s Day gift from my kid


I’m getting a small crop from my Montmancy. It’s never produced anything 2 years in a row before so I’ve been trying some more experimental stuff. Today was candied cherries. It tastes great, but clearly, I won’t be able to use them in any decorative way.
We’re also getting more than a few handfuls off the Saskatoon for the first time so I had a few of them today too.


I just started this year. But lately I’ve been able to sample one or two berries every other day off my fall gold raspberry cane that I bought a month ago. It was already blooming and fruiting when I bought it, same with a few berries at a time off my perpetua blueberry bush. My raspberry shortcake has some berries that are changing from green, so hopefully soon with those.


Violette de Bordeaux breba crop coming along nicely…sweet this year. Critters think so too.


Getting ready to make a gooseberry/pink currant pie. We might not have ripe watermelon by the 4th of July but can still get those watermelon colors!


I’ve noticed a lot of the leaves on my poorman are missing…not sure if its the heat or a bug. They are west facing, shaded for the most part. Mine are just starting to ripen.


Mine have all grown back, but lost a lot of leaves mid spring. I think it was some kind of bug eating them.

These ones are not ripe. They kept getting picked off by something- I think a squirrel or birds. Whatever it was would pick the gooseberry, pick the seeds out and leave the pulp and skin. So I picked them as I really hate dealing with nets. They’re very sour, the pie I made tastes like sour patch kids but it’s pretty good regardless. =)


I’ve been eating my home grown Tomcot. It definitely better than any apricots I have ever bought in stores.




Farmer’s market Rainier cherries (from central Washington). The ones that got good sun (red) are 25 to 30 brix, the ones that didn’t (yellow) are 20 to 25 brix. Can’t wait for the local cherries to become available.


Those are my favorite cherries.


Tippy I am drooling


Puck one bowl a day


Sour cherries for desert last night

Garlic scapes and last two honeyberries from the first flush


My favorites as well! I just haven’t found a better variety.


The gooseberries I have in containers frequently get defoliated by some bug. They are small plants and the leaves are totally gone in a day or two. They always came back. I hit them with triazicide early spring and they seem ok so far this year. My gooseberries planted in ground have never been hit.


Orange-red apricots and black cherries.


Wild Pacific blackberries. I harvested some from the backyard, and from down the street. They definitely require hang time after they turn black. The ones in the yard that just turned black were 9-11 Brix, but the ones down the street were amazing. They are growing inside a hedge on the North side the local hardware store. I noticed the good ones seem to be the ones with the sepals turning brown. I tried a couple that were starting to shrivel, and there was a distinct raisin flavor to it, in addition to the strong blackberry flavor.
These are the tastiest blackberries I have eaten. I usually don’t eat them, except is seedless jams and pastries. These seeds are like strawberry seeds, and I was able to remove them from my teeth with minimal tongue action. The flavore was far more complex than I expected. It was on par with decent cherries. I swear I could taste hints of raspberry and cheery in with the blackberry. The tartness is pleasant, not puckering.
The backyard berries

The hedgerow berries

I will admit to licking the juice off of the refractometer, and then sucking on my finger tips. This is my first attempt at taking a photo through the refractometer. The phone keeps changing focus, making it a PITA.