What fruits did you eat today?


Aprisweet apricots, many weighing more than 150g


Are they as tasty as they look?


Yeah it’s really amazing apricot (and I have tasted many). My friend has about 130 apricot varieties and this one is in his top 3


What are his top 5?


The black raspberries are coming in. I cooked up the first couple of pounds and had some for breakfast over sweet almond tofu. So tasty!
I’ll make jelly with the next few days pickings and mix them with some haskap.


This is the second bunch of sultana’s of this season…


I had the second pair of berries to ripen off my little raspberry shortcake, and a few more fall gold.

The shortcake’s berries are rather large, especially off a plant that is under 2ft tall currently. One berry crumbled apart as I pulled it, and it didn’t seem to have ripened evenly… or wasn’t fully ripe but fell right off anyway. Each droplet really just look like miniature pomegranate.


Ok I managed to talk to him today. He said he really likes Pricia (one of his earliest apricots), Aprisweet, Delice Cot, Lady Cot and Magic Cot. Aprisweet and Magic are probably the best. This is from commercial perspective - size, color, resistance etc. I don’t think any of those are available in USA though. Another friend who is home grower called me today saying his Honey Pearls and Sugar Pearls were fruiting for the first time and he was very pleased. He also said he did not like Tasty Rich too much


One huge apricot and a charentais melon!


I bought a Santa Claus melon (Piel de Sapo) at the store yesterday…excellent…better then the Galia i also bought.


Early Magic plums. Thanks @alan.

After eating watered-down Beauty plums for the past few days, today I picked Early Magic. What an upgrade for an early plum!!!

Beauty, very juicy, very soft texture, mildy sweet (like diluted sugar water). Brix 10-11.

Early Magic, firmer texture,q a lot sweeter. Brix 16-17. Good for an early Japanese plum.


I had my first purple avocado today. It was a somewhat watery avocado with decent flavor, but not much sweetness. The lime green avocado was much better - very sweet.


Finished up with another experimental trial. Preserved cherries. Very simple, fresh sour cherries are covered in vinegar and left in the fridge for a week. Then drained and covered in sugar for a second week. Then dumped in a pot and cooked. Then drained. The leftover syrup is very nice and I used it to make blackraspberry shrub but you can simply use it as sauce. The vinegar is toned down enough to be pleasant.
The cherries are sweet and tasty with a bit of zing. A bit raisiny. We’ll mostly use them with cheese trays.
Easy to do and something different. I might try it with some haskap next year or plums, if we ever get any.


So I have two Flavor King pluot trees, one gets full sun and one gets afternoon shade after 2 pm. The one that gets afternoon shade by 2 pm ripens much larger and up to a month earlier than my other tree in full sun. I am almost positive that the tree that gets afternoon shade is an earlier/larger sport of Flavor King as it’s much larger and ripens fruit so much earlier. It’s fruit is also of a higher quality flavor than my other tree, and the birds, bugs, and bee’s go crazy over it so we don’t get as much fruit as we would like. We have been eating these since July 15th, a full month before Flavor King is supposed to ripen here. This is one fruit that we all look forward to, never ending up dried or made into fruit leather. The fruit average 6 ounces and I have had them to a half a pound! They are absolutely to die for, as good as pluots get. The tree is around 6 years old, and the later strain tree is 10 years old. Here are some pics of the early strain and the later strain, the later obviously not even close to ripe even though it gets full sun all day. The fruit I tested is at 21 brix now, and supremely delicious. Now I wonder what we should name it?


The second to last is a pic is of the later ripening original Flavor King which usually ripens in mid August.


Moniqui, my first white apricots. Not knowing they were there so they were left hanging for a long time. Even they were overripe, they were sweet and delicious.


If scions will be available Jon,that’s right near the top of my list.bb


First picking of Red Haven peaches in Southern Indiana


Red Baron peach and Albion and Seascape strawberries. I have been very impressed with these strawberries. They are day-neutral varieties, which means that here they produce almost every day of the year due to the mild climate. I have them planted as ground cover under my high-density fruit tree plantings, in two 4’ x 4’ raised beds. I have been getting about a pint of berries every other day. From the variety descriptions I thought they would be on the small side, but some of them have been almost 2" in diameter and really delicious.


Your early Flavor King matches the ripening time of mine. Last year was my first FK crop and it was picked soft ripe between Aug 27-Sep 5, given that your fruits ripen 4-5 weeks ahead of mine, the ripening time is a good match. My tree is on Citation and I got it four years ago from Grow Organic. I wonder if your late variety is the wrong one, perhaps a mislabel.

Other than size, when ripe, do they look identical from outside and inside? How about tree habit; do you see a difference? Flavor King is known to be a somewhat low vigor tree.