What fruits did you eat today?


I’ve come to prefer longan, they are richer and more consistently good. I know what you mean with rambutan. They are beautiful, like something from a Dr. Seuss book, but the attachment point is like eating pith from a pecan shell with your nut. I’ve been told that that is variable and some don’t do that. I guess its like stone fruit, some are free stone and others aren’t.


When my sister-in-law prepare rambuta, after peeling the skin, she takes out a rambutan seed with the “pith” off, too. That left very nice ‘flesh only” for us to eat. She is very skilled, something I have not been able to develop.

I just eat flesh and “pith” all together and consider that “pith” my fiber for the day :laughing:.

I like longans but can’t eat a lot as I would have a sore throat every time.


Finally, got the Spring Snow, a white peach. Overripe but still very tasty.


I like really sugary fruit. Don’t mind the syrupy longan juice :slight_smile:


My Eastern Glo nectarines are ripening. Brix is between 13-15 but it does tell the whole story. The fruit has an acidic kick to it. Those who like tart fruit probably will really like it.

What do you think, Steven @SMC_zone6?


My only June Pride from a second leaf graft (thanks to @fruitgrower), 19.5 brix, nice flavor, to me eight out of ten, but probably will revise my assessment if I try a 25 brix one :blush:. The smaller one is my last Honey Blaze, has better eating quality than the June Pride, but didn’t measure its brix.


Maypop! Passiflora incarnata. This one is actually a hybrid of a hybrid - a crazy mix of who knows what, though its parent was part Passiflora tucumanensis.
As a result, this one has a unique flavor. The closest thing I can compare it to is longan.


Looks like a perfect ten to me!


Blueberries are just about done here. Maybe 1 more picking to go. Have no idea the variety but i’m guessing Chandler is possibly the big fruit. I’m finding blueberries to be a very rewarding fruit to grow…just keep them covered.

I picked them and my kids ate the whole bowl. Good deal :wink:


mine are about halfway done. with the drought the berries we a little smaller but very sweet. same with all the fruit this season. alpine strawberries are really loaded this year. got enough to make some special jam from them.


@Ahmad, looks like you definitely like the one dimensional low acid flavor, here in Ca with the optimal growing conditions the June pride smokes the Honey Blaze and all the Honey series nectarines we have tried. Although the Honey series has a bit higher brix on average, the overall flavor to most here that try them is not even comparable. Most say the JP’s are way more complex and have a lot more going on in the way of flavor, hard to beat. The Honey series usually gets the it’s OK response. Just because one has higher brix does definitely not mean more flavor despite what you may think. I have yet to have one person tell me they like the honey series flavor better and we share and compare a lot of fruit!


@mamuang, those are some really nice looking nectarines, looking vey good!


Thank you. I, like @Ahmad and @thecityman, like sweet fruit :smile:.

Eastern Glo is a mix of sweet and acidic like 40/60. For those who like refreshing taste, it is a good one.


those are really beautiful nects Tippy! Large, perfect looking fruit. What I want to know is where is the seed/pit in that cut one??? haha. I’ve seen seedless watermelons, but not seedless nectarines. :slight_smile:


How does the taste compare to a tropical type passion fruit? I’m growing some of those from seed, although i doubt i ever get them to fruit. I like the Chobani passion fruit yogurt.


No, I just did :joy:… Seriously though, my comparison is a one point comparison while both fruits are at a suboptimal state. I would love to compare them at 25 brix… By the way, I like both low acid and high acid fruits; the Arctic Glo’s that I ate from my tree earlier this year were high acid, had complex flavor and I loved them. I actually liked those Arctic Glo more than the June Pride (and more than some of the other low acid nectarines that I have), but again, that’s not a fair comparison because they were 2-3 points higher in brix. Finally, I respectfully disagree that low acid means one dimensional flavor, Arctic Star, Emeraude and Zephyr nectarines all are considered low acid, but they do pack a lot of flavor, perhaps not as complex as a high brix June Pride, but they are definitely very flavorful. Arctic Jay (which I do like) on the other hand, has more sugars than flavor, kind of “one dimensional” to borrow your expression, and both Zephyr and Arctic Star are clearly superior to it in my judgement.


It’s really not that similar, to be honest. Passiflora edulis has a much more powerful, exotic flavor.

It’s really hard to describe the flavor of maypop. There’s a sort of fresh orange juice aspect, sometimes a hint of banana, a sort of faint vanilla, and of course varying degrees of tartness/acid.

Old timers also call maypops “apricots” - I have practically no experience with apricots but the aroma of a ripe maypop is very pleasant and fruity (not pungent/cat-pee of tropical fruits), and I believe is a near-exact mimic of an apricot. So it may be that the flavor is also similar. But I’ve never eaten a good apricot to know.


You know, it would be an interesting experiment if someone here is an accomplished apricot grower and I were to mail them some maypop fruits.
They could settle the matter as far as their flavor similarities.
PM me if you’re interested!


@Ahmad, I agree that Arctic Glo is an awesome piece of fruit and is very balanced in flavor. However, all the other fruits you mention are low acid fruits that IMO are fairly one dimensional/ very sweet. I have yet to try Emeraude, but have seen it described as low acid, not my kind of fruit. I have taken out my Arctic Jay tree, it was always 30 plus brix, often off the chart but too sweet with a one dimensional sweet flavor. However it was better than most of the Honey series I have tried. I’ve had Zephyr from the farmers market, again sweet with no acid balance. I do like Arctic Star, a very good early fruit, but not like the Arctic Glo that follow them in ripening, that are incredibly delicious! After growing most of these fruits for 10 years now we have been consolidating the ones we like the best, and getting rid of the others. The Honey Royale that I have been waiting so long to try were not even worth posting about, went straight to the chickens, another I will be top working. Fruit here has to wow us, and here that means a high sugar/acid balance. I realize there it’s easy to like the low acid fruits though, as getting the balanced fruits sweet enough can be challenging.


So after checking out my Flavor Finale pluot tree I discovered another sport, this time just one branch. The one branch is ripening it’s fruit a lot faster and is slightly different flavor than the original. It has been around 18 brix so far and probably needs another week on the tree to get sweeter. These fruits were picked 5 days ago and were really good. I think I will go out tomorrow and pick some more, another early sport that is very good eating! Pics of both early and later pluots on the same tree…