What fruits did you eat today?


Bud mutation…


I’d say you are not able to pick the subtle flavor components in the low acid fruit :sunglasses:.


Wow. That’s loaded, and I’ve already professed my love of longan.

What sort of winter temperatures is it exposed to?

I have a blue passion that makes orange fruit but they’re hollow :frowning: No pulp.

Can yours be propagated?


I’m in zone 7a. We can get pretty cold. They’re native here; in fact it’s the state wildflower.
I’m not very good with rooting cuttings but I could either send you seeds or attempt to send cuttings.
That longan flavor I’m trying to describe is really hard to pin down, but I stand by at least a resemblance.



@Girly, was this at Andy Mariani’s orchard?




I grew apricots (Blenheim & goldkist) and passion fruit (Frederick) while I lived in San Jose. I’m now in Georgia and had no interest in maypop because I read they weren’t good for out of hand eating. However I had some chance seedlings growing in my yard and got to try the fruit last year, it tasted good being eaten out of the shell fresh. I gave some to my wife (picky eater) and she liked it to. This year when the suckers came up it dug some out and put along my fence hoping they can establish there. Not sure if I got lucky with the seedling but flavor is good. It’s like an edulis minus the tropical zing. I don’t remember an apricot taste hope to have some later this year


Green Gage at $7 per lb is a complete rip-off, it’s a pretty easy tree to grow. Judging by the color, these are Bavay; the classic old Green Gage is a brighter green.


Cool! Other than the couple hybrid seedlings I have, I doubt the flavor varies a whole lot. I have found that sweetness varies and have selected seeds based on that. (I have dug up some vines due to inferior size and sweetness.)
Anyone who says they aren’t worth eating fresh in my opinion has either not eaten a properly ripened one or had a genetically inferior fruit.


Take my money! If I had access to that I wouldn’t need an orchard :slight_smile:


They should charge what makes it worth their while. Nobody has to buy them. If they are high quality, and that’s the only place I could get them, I may pay that. Based on the other prices, and only 1 carton there it probably wouldn’t be worth the time and effort to sell them for less.

We inherited a Green Gage growing on our property that we bought 10 years ago. It produces fruit that can be over 30brix and like candy inside. I assume they are classic Green Gage, and not Bavay, because I doubt the previous owners would have gone through special effort to get something specific.

It produces sparsely, so the fruit are more precious. The mirabelles, since grafted onto the same tree are much more productive.


Nobody eating apples? I’ve been enjoying some yellow transparent apples from the tree in my yard since August 1st…and when I get that yeast I ordered in the mail I yamma gonna make me some cider with it I think.:green_apple::thinking:


@Ahmad, I can taste the subtle flavors and they are good, but I prefer the bigger more complex flavors that to me are much better.


made some 4 berry jam today from a collection of b. currants, blueberries, royalty raspberries, white and red alpine strawberries and mara des bois strawberries. its awesome! its sweet and a little tart from the currants. wasn’t sure how much pectin it needed so i just made freezer jam. came out perfect. been starting to get some nelson blackberries. on the small size but taste is very good. dewberries are ripening also and the flavor is better than any black berry I’ve tasted. its a big berry also. not a heavy producer but worth it for the ones i do get. id probably get a lot more if i had room for the canes to sprawl and root on the ground. instead i trellis the canes in the spring. next year i should get enough blackberries and dewberries to at least get a pie or so. they’re still in the establishing stage so i haven’t fertilized them yet.


Those Panamint nectarines look first class! Did you get to try them?


now you are tempting me :wink: how do you like the greengage and Kaweah?


As we were discussing in the other thread, Most people like high brix fruits. However, there seems to be a 50:50 split between those who like low acid and high acid fruits (with high brix). Until I tried Jon’s June Pride (thanks to Jaya), I didn’t realize how much I liked the fruits with good amount of acid. It does impart a complex flavor and shines through when brix is also high (like tasting really good citrus). Now, I seek more such varieties to try. My wife on the other hand, prefers the low acid, sweeter fruits. As Ahmad says, I might be missing the subtle flavors in the low acid fruits while opting for the more punchy flavors in the high acid ones. I do like the former but I prefer the latter.


@Ahmad Panamit was very good, nice flavor! But skin was a little thick, not as great as Honey series. Silk Road was more interesting - high acid + high sugar with a rose syrup flavor!

@californicus - Kaweah was excellent peach flavor. Very sweet too but skin was quite fuzzy. Green Gage was ripe on one side and unripe on the other side. the ripe side was outstanding, the unripe side was meh! @Stan - I agree, not worth the price :slightly_frowning_face: but would gladly pay if the fruit was outstanding! :grinning:

Silk Road, Emerald Gem & Kaweah were my favorites from this haul! Surprisingly flavor king was not at all ripe and rock hard, will let it sit on the counter for longer.


I pick Green Gage type plums when they fall into my hand with almost no resistance, that way they are fully ripe. Birds pay very little attention to them, probably because of the color. They are so sweet, I have to take a couple sips of water after eating one plum, but it’s not just sweetness, they also have a rich flavor. There is a bit of difference in flavor between Bavay and Old Green Gage, but I cannot decide which one of these two I like more. Old Green Gage ripens a bit later for me. They also store very well vacuum packed and frozen. I have 12 different gage varieties that ripen from mid-June to mid-August, but most production is from Bavay that grew into a very large tree (it’s on Myro 29C). The rest of them are grafts on Bavay, share smaller multigraft trees on Krymsk-1, or are still young. The early ripening ones (Opal and July Green Gage) are not as sweet and flavorful as the mid- and late-season varieties, but still nice to have.