What fruits did you eat today?


Hmart sales kyoho grapes. The fruits size are large too but has seeds. They probably thin the clusters a lot in the spring to get to the size.


We’re gorging ourselves on our unknown Reine Claude (gage)
Today I weighed some of them and the biggest was 67 g!

This picture is half a Reine Claude, laid on a phone flashlight. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, it looked very cool.


Great thread everyone. Anymore early season apples being harvested?


no pics but my 2 year old garfield king yellow transparent has ripened its 1st 8 apples this year. normally a fairly sour cooking apple but many of us were raised eating these due to their cold hardiness and availability up here. the parent stock for this tree came from near my hometown 20 miles away. we used to pick that old tree as kids. due to our severe drought the apples we a little smaller than usual but were also much sweeter. grafted liberty on it this spring which all 3 scions took. they pollinate each other so hopefully we get more apples next year.


I can’t grow avocados here in zone 6, so I have been buying some from Florida.

First up are a purple avocado and a lime green avocado. The purple was OK, but watery. The lime green avocado was excellent, very sweet.

The red avocados were better than the purple.

This long avocado was next best after the lime green avocado.


Myearly apple is William’s Pride.

This year it was not as good as previous years but still is a good early apple.


i have several scions of this on 2 of my trees. maybe get to taste them next year. got them because of their disease resistance. in wet years fireblight is really bad here.


I have noticed that their flower buds may push early if you have unseasonably warm early spring. That makes it susceptible to late frost. It only happened to me once within 7-8 years of having this variety.


luckily my snowpack keeps my plants/trees dormant until it is time to leaf out so its unusual to have any spring damage. last spring though it did happen in mid june.


Greengage Plum.


Birds pecked mine bad… last year i put pieces of hardware cloth over them.


I tried crenshaw melon for the first time (store bought/california grown). Delicious. I’m not a huge fan of the typical orange cantaloupe, but i really prefer the softer/juicy texture of the crenshaw. Mild flavor…a hint of almost watermelon…i don’t know…it was good. $4 for the whole thing.



Dolgo crab. Yummy.


Looks good! I love this variety because it’s so spicy and aromatic. I have one fruit on my tree this year only, I bet a squirrel will get it before I do. Enjoy!! I’m hoping I can find some at the farmers market.


Our apple crop was wiped out by the freezes, but the dolgo is in a more protected spot and escaped some of it to make a few fruit. A down year for sure though, but I’m thankful to sample a few!


Minnesota Midget melon.


Himrod grapes from my brother in law’s vines. Also sampled apples including Cinnamon spice, (it is sweet even when it looks green), Bramley’s seedling (tarter for sure), King of Tompkins county (great flavor), Holstein (tasty, but a tich soft and mealy), Wealthy (pretty good all around). And a scruptious Silver Logan peach too.


Third dropped peach of the season, They are insanely good this year.

A large but daily strawberry harvest for the past few weeks


The best Charentai melon/cantaloupe I have ever eaten. Very sweet and fragrant. Shared it with friends. They agreed it’s the best they have ever had, too.

This variety is called Sivan F1.



I’ve been getting steady crops from my mara des bois strawberries every 2-3 weeks. with our drought they are small but the taste is out of this world! freezing them with my yellow and red alpine straws to make jam soon!