What fruits did you eat today?


Yeah my Mara des bois are just delicious and they started fruiting again before any of the other ones. It kind of let me know how many strawberries have jumped into each others areas however! Sadly i did not take good care of my alpines only getting a handful of berries all year and they have been in decline this year hopefully i can turn that around next year. The big ones i think are san andreas, the small round ones mara des bois and the mid sized are tribute and tristar.


They are the best. The season is starting to slow down here for melons.


Tested one of the larger Harrow Sweet and a Korean Giant pears. Picked both way before they are rated to ripen. The Harrow sweet was as expected when picked early. It was just starting to sweeten a little and had a heavy astringency taste. HS definitely needs to stay on the tree longer. The Korean Giants are much larger but I chose one of the medium size to sample. KG was very good even picked this early. Sweet with no astringency. Is anyone else sampling KG this early?


Looks great! Any splitting with those? I’m growing PGDR this year and am not that impressed with it so far. It’s a good, strong tasting cantaloupe type but doesn’t seem much different in flavor than other good, home-grown cantaloupes I’ve had before. 2 of 3 have split so far, which I’m not too fond of.


It was excellent tasting charentai. I save the seeds. I don’t know if it will be true to variety (don’t know much about melons). If you want to try, PM me, I will send you some seeds.

The melon is only 2-3 lbs so not big but packed with flavor.


They are a small melon. It is the melon of Provence. When ripened perfectly, they are pure sugar. It is the best cantaloupe. Very hard to grow in NewEngland! I am so proud of you. I tried growing them in RI. Not enough heat, too much fog and rain. They love dryness. I grew one that was good the rest were too small.


Mam, I took this picture for you this morning. There was a woman standing next to me buying the lettuce. She put it right down in my picture of Charentais! Lol!


Thanks for the pic, Mrs. G. I don’t know if they are the same. There are several variety of Charentais melons out there. The one we got one was a bonus seed packet when we ordered other watermelon seeds.

This year has been a drought year for MA. Maybe, that’s why it tastes good and does not split.


Nice time of the year for a walk and pick.


Emerald Beaut Plum


I planted a bare root Flavor King from Bay Laurel in Jan 2018. First crop was this year, 8 fruit. Lost two to critters, and one more had a small but that we cut out. The five fruit were excellent, will get a refractometer next season. But I had to reply because my tree also gets afternoon shade, is quite small still (one limb to 6’ this season, rest about 5’), AND they ripened at the beginning of August. Last two dropped from the tree with the lightest bump on August 5th. Sweet, juicy, still not mushy, and kind of a floral taste. Had been expecting to wait for at least another 3 weeks as we shouldn’t be getting nearly as hot here as Hickman.


Amazing look! Seems to have a brix close to 30… Are you sure this not a mango? :blush:


I wouldn’t be surprised if the brix was that high. Too high in my opinion. The sweetness level is about the same as Candy Heart Pluerry. If you like eating a lump of pure sugar, these are great. Not much flavor though. You can barely tell that you are eating a plum.


@spurious, very nice, looks as if DWN is selling 2 sports of this one, early and late. I have both in my yard, both very delicious fruits!


The best Emerald Beauts I had from farmers market had a nice sugarcane + malty taste with high sugar. I could eat them all the way from slightly underripe and firm to overripe and slightly soft (not too soft though) stage with different flavors. I hope my newly planted tree produces soon :slight_smile:


My first Blushingstar peach. Only got one from a large 3 year old tree. Picked it a little on the firm side to save some acid flavor and it still hit 18.5 brix. It’s been very hot and dry this summer, upper 80s and 90s quite a bit, this peach was very good.


This melon looks amazing! Do you have problems with the cucumber beetle? I tried growing muskmelons last year, and the beetles killed off all the vines by infecting them with bacterial wilt.


It is my first year with this type of melon. So far, I have not seen cucumber beetles. I don’t want to jink it :grin:


I’m a sucker for orange flesh. That Emerald Beaut looks really good.


Golden Nectar plum