What fruits did you eat today?


@Bradybb your Broken Heart looks soooooo good!!! How did they taste? Mine were not fully ripe, so don’t look as good as yours. Would have been outstanding if it was fully ripe. Here are some pics…


Mine was on the other side,being over ripe.Last year was the first time fruiting and I was unsure,when to pick.
So,somewhere between your stage and mine should be just right,kind of like,the three bears story.bb



Are these Shinseiki?


Visited a friend’s place who grows tropical fruits and tried some for the first time

Rose apple - Intense rose flavor with mild sweetness. Its like it was dipped in rose water

Wax Jambu - refreshing but mild. Reminded me of Asian pear but less sweet


Yes! I still have 3/4 on the tree.


Bought these in a store.


I love these Trapa natans. Although when you google it, these are also called water chestnuts. Their shape looks like water buffalo horns.

For us, water chesnuts are Eleocharis dulcis. I love them both.


What do they taste like? Or are they water chestnuts?


The buffalo horns tastes similar to nuts. To cook them, we simply boil them in water and add salt to the wateras much or as little as you prefer.

Same method of cooking for water chestnuts (the round shaped kind). The one is also crunchy, on top of yummy.


Had too many cracked mirabelles. Last night, got 2 kilos and decided to make jam.


The ripe ones have more starch and can be boiled(or grounded) and eaten/tasted like regular chestnuts. The immature ones can be eaten raw. They are very crunchy, and the texture a lot like water chestnut with light sweet taste and light pleasant aroma.

I don’t see these fresh water plant fruits very often in Asian grocery store in US. I saved few pieces of these nuts to grow for next year


I admire your willingness to grow them. Wish you a lot of success. All I recall was that they grew in water.


Love it!


Yes they grow in water.


Coffecake persimmon


Wow, its ripe already? Is there any way to tell if it has seeds before you cut it? I have exactly 1 fruit on my tree, if it didn’t get fertilized I’d hate to waste it by cutting it while its firm. But I want to taste it firm if its pollenated. There were male flowers less than 100 feet away when this was in bloom, but it only set 1 fruit, it may not have attracted bees.

Haven’t verified its still there after yesterdays wind storm.

Edit, actually, I can see it there through the window, but half of the trees leaves are gone.


Sugar Sweet pear, tangy, sweet and very juicy!


DWN states the harvest window begins in one week. So I sneaked one as a preview. It was great by the way…sweet and perfect.

I don’t know how to tell if there are seeds without cutting it. My tree is 5 feet from a Chocolate persimmon, so it is showered in pollen.


Just keep them away from any waterbodies. They are wildly invasive in the US, and choking up a lot of waterways.