What fruits did you eat today?


I don’t think it can survive any winter in outside in zone5 . I plan to grow it in pot.


do you know it grow wild in some states? I have never seen it wild and am very curious to know , or expend my collection


It’s that time of year.Yellow Barhi dates. I do not grow these of course but I always look forward to eating them.


Are you sure you are not confused this with water hyacinth?

It is water hyacinths that clog up waterways everywhere.


@IL847 It definitely grows wild in the Northeast. It was introduced in Massachusetts in the 1800’s and can be a huge problem in some wateways. I’m not sure how far north it goes, but it’s definitely here in southern New Hampshire, zone 5b. They can create dense mats that choke out native vegetation and impede boating. So, keep it in the pot!

@mamuang Water hyacinth is another one that is a big problem. I saw it all over the place when I was in Arkansas. Bad news. So many bad aquatic invasives. It’s stuff like that that makes me mad when I hear about people buying rare things all willy-nilly from overseas sellers on eBay.

The escaped plants that grow in the wild probably have much smaller seeds/fruits than the cultivated ones that are imported.



Never know thar Trapa natans grows wildly here. Good to know.

Just read the article. It is a different species from the edible Asian water chestnut. Still, it is important to know. Who knows what people are selling on EBay these days. We could be sold the invasive kind.


Very interesting! Are you sure we are talking about the same plant Trapa bispinosa Roxb? I have never known it can survive in subzero temperature. When I was yatching up and down from great Lakes to Gulf of Mexico , I have never seen it. Next time, I will pay more close attention to the water plants and I will be very happy to find it grow wild somewhere here


Eggplants are fruits! Haha. Orient Express (from Johnny’s seeds).


How are you going to cook it?


Yes, Ratatouille (with Tri-tip)…but it sort of dissolved.


Fairtime peach. Just barely ripe. Notice the ash specks on the skin from our insane wildfires.


Lovely fruit! Its so dark and cloudy outside, not a ray of sunshine! The worst fires I’ve ever seen in the bay area!


Yes these fires are too much…and the fire season is early yet.


Forgot about Laroda, my late J plum. By the time I saw them, they dropped in the bags(good thing about bagging).

Wrinkly and all but tasted excellent, very sweet with aroma. Brix was at 29, easily the sweetest of my J plums.


Muscadine grapes.
Not from our orchard, it’s beautiful delicious fruit. Crisp grapes texture, pleasant strong scent, juicy, thick skin with few seeds.
Lớn hơn trái nho thường, màu tím bóng có tí đốm trắng nhỏ, mùi thơm nồng de chụi, ngon, giòn,vỏ hơi dày có hột.


Where from,Vincent?bb


Mara des bous! They are coming in!


My working neighbor gave me. Will find out soon.


She said bought @ Lam’s Seafood in Tukwila.
243 Minkler blvd Tukwila WA 98188.


They’re Muscadine grapes not Jabuticaba. Tasting big different than regular grapes specially strong scent and crisp texture.