What fruits did you eat today?


Cool, I’ve wanted to try muscadines. When I saw the original post I marveled at how similar it looked to a grape. This makes more sense than it being Jabuticaba.


Some of us think they’re Jabuticaba because they are sold all every single fruit in a box. not a bunch of grapes as normal seeing Grapes selling in store. I still wonder why? Jabuticaba when harvest should be picked every single one from the tree also. That why. And both have very similar colors, even a tiny white dots on a deep purple of their skin. The fruits size a lot bigger than regular grapes. Anyway hopefully I have a chance to taste Jabuticaba one day Jafar.


I’m sure I’ll get my chance Vincent, I’ll need to keep my eyes open.

I think that’s how muscadines are picked, individually like plums.


Rubens Red is ripening, 1st crop. This is a more colorful mutation of Italian Civni cultivar


I had a practical fig meal with these big ones.


When I lived in Arkansas, that’s how they’d sell muscadines at the farmers market. I wish I had sampled more while I was down there.


Fruit rollups. We made fruit rollups from Flavor Grenade pluots the other night with our dehydrator. Easy to do and I hope they are well received. My blue-eyed taster quickly finished his and commented “delicious”. Measured at 23 brix.


Do you oil the plastic tray?

I made one out of mirabelles. Texture and sweetness were great, but not a ton of flavor. My daughter really liked them though. I used a silicone tray like that without oiling. I have a couple of plastic ones that came with the dehydrator that I haven’t used yet.


They are huge!


Do you remove the skin? They look perfect and your blue eyed taster looks really happy!


Yes we oil the tray insert with Wesson vegetable oil (we had it and know it is neutral tasting to us). I did not include that picture in the collage. 9 pluots + lemon juice makes 2 trays, 135F @ 8 hours (doing 9 hours next time). The material still stuck on outer edges, so we’re going to try raising the edges while its still warm … next time.


We eat them fresh with skin on… delicious. We moved to San Diego 3 years ago, and this is our first good crop. So interesting you moved to Uzès, France!


I live in the land of some of the best stonefruit in the world and they don’t make the delicious looking fruit leather you do!


A bowl of pomegranate arils a day keeps the doctor away. :wink:


My friend gave me one of his pawpaws. It smelled very nice. Nice texture, soft but not mushy.

It tasted mildly sweet. Unfortunately, it had a bitter after taste. Judging from the color of the seeds, it was not fully ripe when the fruit dropped. That could be why.


I thought Parfianka (inferred from your image file name) had dark red arils and ripens in Oct. On a different note your OCD on Pom piths seem to be wearing off ever so slightly (from a fellow OCD person on Pom piths) :slight_smile:


I am realizing that I am really bad at judging ripeness. Case in point - Caroline raspberries. My impression of them was that they are quite tart with mild sweetness, mostly used for processing. Thanks to unhealthy air quality here for a few days, I was forced to let them ripen on the canes for much longer than I normally do. They are still not as sweet as some of the modern varieties, but they became darker with sweet, complex flavor and jammy texture, that both my wife and I enjoyed a lot. We liked them better than Double Gold or Fall Gold, whose flavors improved with more ripening as well.


You can have it in October with red arils or in September with lighter colored arils and more acidity. My wife prefers it when it has more acidity. The flavor was good for me, and the seeds are already soft.

My wife cleaned the pomegranates, and her OCDs are different from mine. :wink:


Big pepino melon 400 g


French Improved plums. So sweet and aromatic.
Brix ranged from 25-28 from a handful that I ate today.