What fruits did you eat today?


So you just blend them up? Do you add anything to the mash? What temperature do you run them on and for how long? Trying to plan for next years’ harvest which I’m hoping will be rather satisfying.


Hi! There are several pepino melon varieties, some with biger and sweeter fruits. I know there are bland varieties but my fruits are sweet with a melon and pear flavour.


I got seeds from Baker Creek, so that variety is probably small.


My figs pingo de mel :yum:


Funny I had two Elephant Heart trees, and both produced very poor, inedible fruit. I gave up on this variety. Glad to see someone has luck with it.


That’s why they say gardening is local.

People should take high praises of fruit grown in vastly different climate from theirs with a grain of salt.


Yes, we blended 9 pluots with 1/4 lemon (juiced). Next time we’ll try with apple and spiced with cinnamon. The apples would be ones we’d dried earlier, but rehydrated.


I am in Socal. This is the first year we have a lot fruits. We put a new blooming Santa Rosa next to the tree to pollinize. There was no more fruit set when the flowers from the SR were gone.
We started picking at the end of July. At first it didn’t taste good, until we figured out it has to be firm, yield to touch only a little, then it is very good. The flavor and texture of the over ripe, mushy one are very bad. We still have fruits on the tree now. They are in ziploc bags, and they went though the heatwave without dropping. This is the one I cut just now, and it is very good. Free stone, it is sweeter at the darker part, but the whole fruit is good. The skin is thin and only a little tangy.


I live about 15 miles from @Monardella, and our conditions are fairly similar (Tracy is a couple of degrees hotter in summer than Livermore but otherwise very similar in all aspects). Elephant Heart does just fine here and has a very good flavor.


That’s interesting. It would be nice to find out what makes your and @Monardella’s EH trees perform so differently.

We like its overall quality (taste, size, productivity) so much, we consider growing a second EH.


My DWN-tagged Elephant Heart trees were part of a section of Japanese plums: Santa Rosa, Emerald Beaut, Burgundy, etc. All of the plums are major successes except for Elephant Heart. So it’s not like they were in an odd location. Oh well, perhaps I’ll try the Flavor Punch Pluerry in it’s place.


We have peaches for breakfast.

@mrsg47 wish you were here!!

Breakfast for the champions.


Super Yum!


love me some fresh peach pie!


The peaches were sweet. We used 50% less sugar than the recipe called for. They tasted fresh and really good.


More raspberries!


Received a package of fresh dates. 4 different kinds. Very sweet!


I like rasberries too, it is one of the fruits I have to buy. The plants grow big but no fruits. I cut them down after a few years, and still see suckers coming up.


Interesting, may be they have some (still much lower than advertised) chill hour requirements. Did you try bababerry raspberries? Also if they are in full sun all day, might be worth trying a part-shade location


Yates, American persimmon from a friend’s tree.