What fruits did you eat today?


I confess that I am envious… :wink:


could you please show me photos of your ripe maru and chocolate and tipening date? i think i remember maru having male flowers? does it need chocolate as pollinator or not? im a little confused about the maru variety.


The fruit remind me so much of fruit from cornus kousa near one of the places I frequent.


OK Jiro in a couple of weeks. But Izu is a new tree (and growing well). Coffeecake has been a big winner this year. Chocolate made zero fruit.


Yes there seems to be little info on Maru out there. I think I had posted some data on it previously. I have several nice fruits on Maru so I will post those when ready. If I remember right, they only lose their astringency when they are goo (and barely even then). Chocolate flowered strongly, lots of males/pollen, did a great job of pollinating everyone, but made no fruits this year.


I think it’s similar but this one has bigger fruits and it’s a Evergreen tree I believe


I thought Maru is a PVNA, so should have no astringency if pollinated.


Been eating homegrown mandarins for 2 weeks now, had to pick the rest of my little tree, anywhere between 24 and 30.


what i read online about maru is if pollinated will have darker flesh and be non astrigent. if not pollinated will be astrigent and need to be soft tree ripen before harvest. would u test if this is true by picking one when slightly soft to touch but not soft soft? see if its true? thanks!


What variety? Satsumas?


A friend gave me a Susquehanna and two Shenandoah pawpaws.

Today I ate Susquehanna as it looked like it needed to be eaten first :grin:

I think it was overripe. It smelled like tropical fruit including bananas. Soft and sweet but it did have a bitter after taste that lingered for a while. I hope I could try less ripe Susquehanna in the future.


Xie Shan mandarins.


The wild pawpaws that I forage get super bitter and burnt tasting if I let them get to that stage. Makes me nauseous just thinking about it! Even when half that ripe and mostly yellow in color they are pretty bitter. This makes me very enthusiastic for cultivars without any bitterness to them, though maybe any variety will get bitter if left to ripen too long?


I don’t eat enough pawpaws to make that conclusion.

Maybe. @tonyOmahaz5 can let us know if all overripe pawpaws taste bitter.


Last year was the first time I got a good taste of Maru. Here are my notes: 10/19/19: fruit now orange, tried one…brown speckled inside with small seeds, edible but unpleasantly astringent. Need to wait longer. 9Nov19: tried two fruit, both orange and starting to yield to pressure a bit. Both with seeds, brown speckled, inedible due to astringency. Then I waited until they turned to goo, and most of the astringency was gone.


OK I will try. Last year they were astringent even with seeds, so maybe this year will be better.


I don’t care for overripe paw paws. They turned brown with a strong pawpaw flavor and some with bitterness tasted.


Today I ate Shenandoah. It was mild with creamy texture and tropical fruit taste. No bitter after taste. I like it.


Looks great! I’m jealous! How’d your pawpaw trees do for you this year?


Those were not from my trees.

My two trees are 4 years old, I think. My Mango has grown vigorously but no flowers. My Shenandoah has flowered for the past 3 years but has not set fruit even after using pollen from my friend’s tree to cross pollinate them.

I believe late freeze this year, did in my Shenandoah flowers.

The wait continues.