What fruits did you eat today?


Had my first KSU Atwood paw paw. No bitterness at all flavor I’d say same as Taylor so similar I’d couldn’t tell a difference. I also went around my Potomac and some fell off of tree whole cluster at branch and one eaten on tree my big one of course. No where near ripe yet.


Ate some prunes that I made from my Imperial Epineuse plums in August. They are freakishly good - sweet, flavorful and aromatic.


Any stone fruits left on the trees these days?


No stone fruits by now, only apples, pomegranates, and feijoa left (and a few late figs from the 3rd crop).


My lone drippen honey that I wrote a while back looked at it today it looked pretty yellow I barely touched it and it fell into my hand. Just a hint of green on the bottom.

Edit: it was brown inside it had gotten over ripe? Hmm am I supposed to pick while there green?



Strawberry guava (yellow variety).


Our purple and golden pepino melon


My family have been eating European pears, particularly, Harrow Sweet pears everyday for over a week now.


Maru persimmon update: DWN says the harvest window is October 5 to October 30, so today (Oct 17) seemed like a good time. I harvested one bird-pecked fruit. Nicely colored, brown-speckled inside, with several seeds. Astringency was just a slight chalky feel on the tongue after eating - not obnoxious. Another thing is that the astringency seems to vary within the fruit itself, with some parts lacking it altogether. Very sweet, high flavor. So this result is the opposite of what happened last year. We’ll see what happens with the other fruit on the tree.


If you haven’t already and you have the patience, you can thin them aggressively to get a better flesh-to-seed ratio. I tried 50% thinning this year but I can go higher next season.


I tried paw paw and American persimmon for the first time today. They exceeded my expectations and are delicious. I was at red fern farm doing you pick, where there were very few paw paw left on the trees. They told us we are the last group to go through and pick this season. It was a 4 hour drive with kids in the car but it was worth it.


thank you for the update on maru i love the shape of it compared to the fuyus it look bigger in size might be just the shape. but i been hearing it taste better than fuyus that is why i like it.


From the top, clockwise: Suncrisp, Roxbury Russet, Ashmead’s Kernel, Kingston Black, Golden Russet, Calville Blanc, Rhode Island Greening, Spitzenburg in the middle.


That is quite the harvest of highly regarded varieties.


Jonagold and Gala apples. I tested one of the Gala.

Not amazing, but as good as the supermarket. They were much better last year. I have already applied K and Mg, and I will not forget to apply next Summer.


Stayman Winesap

Pomme Gris
Pomme Gris (same apple, other side)




Yes it’s just a Wonderful - nothing unusual. First one I have opened this year. Not fully sweet yet but still good.


Looks beautiful.


@Vincent_8B what variety is that mine pretty much have stalled ripening with this cooler weather here in Vancouver wa.