What fruits did you eat today?


I was told that White Sapote is not a real sapote.

I tagged @Richard here as he knows more about sapote, fake or real than most of us here.



It’s a battle of common names vs. genetic families.

PLEASE respond if you can’t review this document:



The seeds are fairly easy to grow,if wanted,but the trees can get over 30 feet tall.
I have one in a pot that was started a few years ago,from a fruit found at Emma Prusch Farm Park in San Jose,CA.The height is about three feet and spends the cold months in a slightly heated greenhouse.It’s just an experiment. Brady


Today I ate some “fuyu” persimmons from California or whatever they are, and found all these seeds in a couple. They will be planted, so maybe I’ll have a persimmon grove one day.


I saw some EverCrisp apples in the grocery store today and bought three of them. I had one on the way home. The texture is very good, crunchy and juicy. Flavor-wise it’s a bit of a disappointment. It tastes like Mott’s apple juice. Assuming my sample so far of one apple is an accurate representation, this is not an apple worth seeking out IMO but it’s still better than a lot of the other apples you can find in the store.


@Joe Are EverCrisp the new non-browning GMO apples or am I mistaken?


I don’t know about non-browning, but I’ve seen posts about it here. It’s a club apple that’s a cross between a Honeycrisp and a Fuji. Though the texture is great, it definitely lacks the explosive Honeycrisp texture, and it lacks the flavor of both. At least from the two apples I’ve tried. It tastes like they put Mott’s apple juice into an apple. Maybe it’ll be a hit but it doesn’t excite me. @Matt_in_Maryland was excited about this apple but IDK if he had the chance to try it.

SweeTango is another club apple that I tried for the first time this year, I got it a month or two ago at Aldi. That one is actually very good!


The only SweeTango’s I’ve seen here in MN are at the KwikTrip gas stations. They always carry them for some reason. I haven’t tried one yet because they’re always lumpy and bruised, probably from rough handling. I’ll have to give it a try.


The ones I had were the regular Aldi type stock, you can tell they weren’t the best representation of the apple. I still liked them enough to buy a few more bags.


had one of the best if not the best pomegranates I’ve ever had! normally by time they get here they’re pretty tasteless .this one was bright red and very juicy! as ripe as I’ve ever had them. hope we see more of this quality.


I just tried a SweeTango that I had squirreled into the back of the fruit drawer in the fridge. The texture is still there, but the flavor’s completely gone. This is an early apple and I think that it being a pretty good apple available to early makes it a bit more appealing, KwikTrip’s SweeTangoes may also be too old right now.


One of the few plants that are fruiting here,this time of year is,the Strawberry Tree,Arbutus unedo.
This one is growing on the property,where I work.A small one now.There was some brush and Blackberry vines taken away,that were blocking a lot of sunlight,which helped kick start new growth.
I know where bigger and more productive trees are in the area and may harvest some to make a spread.To me,the flavor is like a mild Apple. bb


I found some SweetTango at a local Kroger’s two years ago I think. They were pretty good, they had the texture of a Honeycrisp, and a sweeter version of a Zestar. It’s parentage is both HC and Zestar, so this is expected. I posted some pics of them in this thread, post #429.


I saw an apple at the market yesterday that I had never heard of called Smitten. I assumed it was a new club apple so of course I bought a few pounds. It was excellent. It had a Honey crisp crunch with a better flavor. Had some acid as well.


Satsuma Mandarins from Family Tree Farms

Picked this up at Wegmans a couple days ago because the leaves being packaged with the fruit caught my eye. I think it actually proved to be a useful freshness indicator because in some packages the leaves were very dry and shriveled while others looked like they were picked only a day or two ago. I picked the package with the freshest looking leaves and have been VERY happy with this fruit - and I didn’t even think that I liked mandarins.

Extremely juicy with a mild sweetness and a balanced acidity. I suppose those with a sweet tooth might consider these “watery” but as someone who usually cuts the sugar in baking recipes by a 1/4 I rather liked them. Testing out using my refractometer today to measure brix and one one of the less sweet fruit came in at a 10.


It has been a good day…!! But then any day is a good day esp when you can eat dried figs of your own making, a fresh Goldrush apple off your own tree, and a couple banana for good measure.


Opal apples are showing up in the stores now . Really like those .


I ate a roxbury russet today. Nicely juicy. I can’t describe flavors too well but it had a mild taste. It had definitely improved in storage. I had accidentally missed putting it into the crisper so it shriveled a bit on one side sitting on a shelf in the fridge. I thought maybe I saw water core in an earlier one I sampled, but this had no evidence of that.


Fresh water Chestnuts and steamed Chestnuts.


I had my last Clementine today, and it was wonderful. I have been eating a few along for a month now. Now all my satsumas and mandarins are gone, all I have left is about a dozen Meyer lemons hanging on the trees. Now the withdrawals will begin…:blush: