What fruits did you eat today?


My Goldrush apples started dropping early in late summer 2018 so I picked and stored a few in the refrigerator. Today the grands and I ate a few and they were better tasting than most that I buy from the grocery stores. Goldrush is such a great keeper even when picked early. Although they were good they still don’t compare to the ones that take on the golden color while hanging on the tree.


I was doing a little organizing in the fridge and discovered some pristine apples that I had mistakenly put in a plastic bag in the lower shelf of the fridge door. They are still good! Nice, crisp, and same good flavor. Maybe not the great flavor of later apples, but given that I picked them in late July, I’m pleasantly surprised. I didn’t realize that a pristine could keep this long. The ones in the crisper expired a long time ago.


Picked today last four Cripps Pink apples, let them hang on the tree until my wife’s birthday. They were just outstanding.


Green gauva for breakfast.


Nice, our favorite apple and keeps well too!


Melting Medjool dates, these are super sweet, the closest thing to a ripe fig… got them from Aldi a couple of days ago. If there is an Aldi close by to any of you, don’t hesitate to try them…


Blood Orange.


One of the local grocery stores I like to go to always has a wide variety of apples. I bought two Lucy Glos about 6 weeks ago there and really enjoyed them, they were spicy and sweet. They had more today, so I purchased another two (they are in the only buy one or two price bracket). I came home and promptly sliced one but was disappointed to find the spiciness was not there. The flavor of this one is very watered down, if that makes sense. I’m hoping the second one will be closer to the earlier season ones I had.



Today i picked a Dream Navel orange, the last one of my tree in the workshop. The one i eat last week was pretty friggan good, maybe a little better than last year. Much larger than the ones from Sam’s Club. Going to make another tree this spring. Can’t believe oranges grown in Arkansas taste this good.


Do you leave the light on at night for your trees?



No, lights come in at 7 in the morning and out at 7 in the evening.


I bought mine yesterday!


This One below a lot better. Flavor is excellent to me.


Cara cara are so good. Spicy almost.


Cara Cara is not a blood orange.


No it not a blood orange, you right. Cara Cara tastes a lot better than blood orange.


I prefer the Moro blood oranges over the Cara Cara’s, whether the Moros are on the green side or fully ripe. As long as they’re pretty fresh they are heavenly to me. It’s the fruit that makes January more bearable to me. I can eat a bunch in one sitting.

My wife and kids like the Cara Cara’s better. It’s easier for the kids, for sure, because it’s low acid. My wife likes to eat green mangoes dipped in vinegar, so it’s not that she likes low acid better in general. Either orange is good, but I don’t go back and get a 2nd or a 3rd Cara Cara to eat right away after finishing the first one.

Right now we only have Cara Cara and regular navel oranges in the refrigerator. No bloods!


Blood oranges have a special taste. First of all they are sweeter than Cara Cara or most other navel oranges except for the fabulous Honeybelle!

Blood oranges from Spain, Italy or the South of France have a unique flavor, due once again to the soil and climate. Once you have tasted those Blood Oranges in Milan for breakfast you cannot go back.


I’ve only had the Moro blood oranges from California and love them. When the kids are older we really should do some Euro trips. We’ve never been! We’d of course need to go in the Fall for the apples, but when are the blood oranges and other fruits good in Europe?


It still gets cold throughout Europe during the winter, the further south you go you will see palm trees but there is a chill in the air. Check the latitude. :blush: