What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


We had 1.5 inches of rain yesterday (all day rain) and i see quite a few Flavor King are cracked now this morning… telling me they must be ripe or near ripe …i ate one and it was soft, juicy and delicious. We’ll have to eat all the cracked ones quickly…wasps are already attacking them.

all picked today


“Last Chance Fruit Salad”–I was away for a while, and when I came back I needed to use everything up before it spoiled. The liquid is my Myer lemon juice, a little honey, and a LOT of passion fruit from my “Banana” passion fruit vine (passiflora mollisima). I used a big spoon to grind them through a strainer in order to remove the seeds. It took ages–if anyone knows a better way, tell me, my back hurts! But it gave the whole salad that passion fruit perfume. Dreamy! Other than that, there are Gravensteins from my tree, a few windfall too-early Winter Nelis pears from my tree that I peeled-not as good as ripe but fine in a salad, and then some store-bought stuff: a red Bartlett, a couple of Honey Punch pluots that weren’t too exciting by themselves, half an orange and a slice each of honeydew and cantaloupe. So it’s just a hodgepodge, but it’s yummy. Too acidic for me so I had to have mine with some vanilla ice cream. (I was forced to, you know!)



Nice bowl of Vitamin C you made for yourself there. :smile:


Boy does that look good and refreshing. You are so lucky to be able to grow Passion Fruit. We cannot buy Passion Fruit juice in jars or frozen. Every so often we have them in our supermarket but they are dark black, already crinkly and over ripe! I would love that salad!


I remember eating them all the time one time when we were at a resort down in Mexico… i don’t think people knew what they were because i was like the only one who seemed to be eating them…around here i can find frozen but not fresh.


I ate the only good Spicezee Nectaplum i had… excellent fruit. Wish i had a few more.


An unknown yellow fleshed freestone peach. Good flavor. Grown with only a few sprays of neem oil and liquid fish.


These are the ones that wanted to come off easy. I might have picked them early but they were falling on the ground.
Left = Cortland Right = HCrisp
Most of my apples were unblemished. The squirrels got their share.
The 12 that had bird pecks in them made an apple pie.

Mmmmmm… Pie…


I smell the aroma of apple pie in your future!


Wow! Nice color on the apples. They look perfect!


Thanks everyone! My orchard is very young and I still have trees too little to make apples however I
was amazed at how many I got for such young trees. This is about a third of the apples that I am going to
get this year. The others are still hanging on tight enough to leave them as has been suggested.
I just started the orchard with 4 trees in 2012, 4 in 2013, 2014, and 2015. (all little dwarf trees)
So some of them are still sticks.


How is the flavor on those Honeycrisp? I noticed the stores already have them out of Washington state…Seems very early? I’ve also been eating some Cortland and a lot of Mcintosh… Some huge apples this year…going to be a huge Wisconsin/MN apple crop i think…

ooops…meant to aim this at Daemon…


@warmwxrules I must confess. I don’t eat a lot of apples and to be honest, I don’t know what they are SUPPOSED to taste like. They are good to me!. The family likes them.
Huge… Yes. These are the little ones. The big ones are still on the tree and going to be bigger than softballs.
Early…Yes. You missed my original thread. I picked them because these two trees were dropping on the ground. I had to pick them or mow them up.


Mine are getting attacked by wasps… I’ve had some huge apples too…

Honeycrisp for me always remind me of those green jolly ranchers (i ate too much candy as a kid)…juicy… I have a graft of HC but i need the whole tree…i probably convert my Cortland over to HC next spring by grafting… That is sweet you are going to have some softballs!


Pears, Clapp’s Favorite and I have a Bartlett too, but it didn’t do as well. Picked about 5 boxes from the Clapp’s F. and there are still some on the tree. It was loaded, and I had done some thinning. Was afraid the limbs might break, but they held up.
The big pear in the middle weighed 12 oz. It’s chilling if the fridge, will eat it in a few days.
I also have a 5 year old Red Anjou with Mishirazu and Yaguang Li that I grafted on it this year. Looking forward to some new flavors.


those green jolly ranchers were the best! I’ll be looking forward to when my Honey Crisp grafts start producing even MORE now!


Beautiful! Can’t wait for my pears. The shapes are perfect.


picked a few celeste fig, very sweet


July Elberta peach separated itself from the branch 10-20 each day for a week now. Very juicy, not very sweet but the flavor is way better than any store bought peaches.


Nice,I hope my few ripen.Actually,one fell to the greenhouse floor,from a Strawberry Verte and seemed to be there for awhile,before I noticed.Very sweet and tasted somewhat like melon. Brady