What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


A box full of 20th Century A. pears from last week picking. It seems the rest of the pears from this tree got another booster after the picking. They seem to be a bit larger this week!

This is an update picture from yesterday… Aren’t they (remaining fruits on the tree) seem getting a bit bigger? Does it make sense or I just dreamt it up?


I have to check my CH leaves again.

My 20th C .just started to drop the first few. You have already picked a bucketful.

I thinned seriously this year. Still, the fruit are small. A few that dropped were so small that I did not even bother to pick them up.

In 2013, I did not thin enough. It went biennial last year. After several years of small fruit with an OK taste, I am looking for tastier and bigger A. Pears to graft onto this one.


I think I like Hosui better than my current harvest, 20th Century. Hosui is sweeter with crunchier texture than the 20th Century.

I intentionally left a few Hosui on the tree from last harvest to see if they continue to grow larger at ripe time. It seemed they did! Can someone correct me if I’m being silly?



Could…or i just found an early ripe one…only one i found that was somewhat soft… it still wasn’t as good as FK but still very nice. I plan on leaving the rest for another week. If you look at the chart…they should ripen around the time of FK>


I also have Hosui. I have not picked any and none have dropped. Hosui is bigger than 20C. I cannot remember its taste since I only had a couple last year.

I love Korean Giant. I have heard good thing about Kosui and Chojuro. I just grafted both this year. Need to wait a while. If you want KG scionwood, let me know.



I won’t say no to new variety that I don’t have! :blush:
Let’s do some trading in spring!

Some Hosui fruits that I’ve left on the tree are quite large, Its diameter is probably around 4".


Those leaves look like Chicago Hardy, although there are a number of figs with similar leaves and fruit. My 3y old CH in a pot just started with ripe figs last week. I had placed it outside on warm days starting about April 6.
It is pretty typical for figs to reach a small size then sit there stagnant, not growing, for a few months before suddenly swelling, changing color and starting to soften. Wait till they are really drooping, hanging down, looking like they are about to fall off for the full ripe stage.


Thank, Eboone,
Good to know that it is normal for figs/fruit not to grow for a while. This is my first year of harvesting a few varieties. Can’t wait.


I tasted the first 2 apples from our Somerset Redstreak. Both were over ripe and mealy but there was no excaping the fact that they were cider apples. Sweet with quite a bit of acid and a hint of astringency.


I picked some Macs today that were mush…way over ripe…they hang right over the roof of the house so they have been cooking nicely lately (Hot)… I actually have to climb on the roof to get the upper branches…i’ll probably fall off and break my neck at some point for some rotten apples.


Please don’t do that! We like you here!


Thanks Mark–it really was divine! I’m not really familiar with food mills–I will look them up, but I’m not sure you included the link with your post–unless I just don’t recognize it…


Hmmm … musta been semifunctional that day. Not the first time!.
Here’s one an awful lot like the one I use:

Again, intended as an example rather than a recommendation. (If you bite make sure yours has the scraper bar on the bottom outside to help remove the pulp as it is pushed through the sieve.)

: -)M


I have the Oxo good grips food mill. I use it often. Works wells…i like the foldable legs …it’s very secure when using it over another pan or bowl or whatever.

Yeah…i’ll probably invest in a taller ladder or a fruit picking apparatus to get those apples…or better yet…just hack the tree back so i can get to them easier…although the best apples seem to be the ones highest in the tree. Squirrels are too lazy to go up there.


Lizzy there are many types of food mills out there, as you can imagine. Kind of like cars. The OXO model is perfectly good and lasts for about seven years. They are about 29 dollars and you can buy them at ‘Bed, Bath and Beyond’ or other stores such as that. Or, try your local department store. You do not have to have a fancy food mill for fruit.


I’ve been picking a few 20th Century, but the seeds still aren’t all the way dark yet. People I’ve given them to seem to love them anyways and I have to admit that they aren’t bad- enough sweetness to be comparable to watermelon. I didn’t thin enough (can that ever be done with Asian pears?), but the brix is still decent at 11-13.


Wow- everything is coming in now at once…Here’s some of what I’ve picked in the last two days. Peaches, plums, tomatoes, Asian & Euro pears, and half a dozen kinds of apples.


Wow…that is quite the assortment.

Seckels are starting to fall from the tree…very good this year and there are a ton of them. I gave a box away to a brother…probably give some more away in the next week. Lots of small fruit mixed in with some mediums…

Tried a few more Dapple Dandy… Good texture, sweet…but still a notch below a Flavor King or some of the others. Wasps are attacking them so i’m not sure how long i can let them hang now.


Wow! Are you going to dehydrate for later use? Or better stop eating lunches and dinners so that all these fruits won’t go to waste! :grinning:


Came to Arkansas from home (Texas) and got to pick a paw paw. The owner of the tree said when it turns black eat it. Advice is welcome