What is going on today 2017?


Have you harvested any FK yet? Interested to hear how they turn out.


Sort of. I don’t cook often but when I do its usually some type of specialty food for a special occasion. And the first kick off of the season in the national spotlight qualifies as a special occasion for me. Lol


Still not ripe. Probably another week.


Oh boy!


I picked this on my neighbors tree today. I know Several of you love these but they are not pleasant to me. I don’t know which cultivar but the skin is thick and the flesh is sweet but not really flavorful. They are pretty though


Had this fine specimen of Honey Select corn with a stuffed pepper that the Doodette made last night. It had ground turkey, tomato, tomato sauce, onion and brown rice as the filling. The mater’s, peppers and corn were fresh from the garden. Of course, the corn was prepared with a little bit of butter and salt…

It was alright…


You’re making me hungry !


Nice. Glad to see your deer/vermin saved you some. :blush:


Thanks. Yes, the varmits have left the corn alone this year. The beans that are growing in the same patch have been browsed some, but not enough to keep us from picking and canning a lot.

The Honey Select has been almost all picked, but we have some HS that we sowed about 2-3 weeks later (late June), so we might get some more in October, but it’s not growing as vigorously as the first crop. We’ve still to harvest some more Silver Queen, and the popcorn won’t be picked until Nov or so.


Wonderful looking Honey Select corn! My favorite sweetcorn over here!


Yes, it’s a wonderful variety. Big, 7ft+ stalks and about 7-8" long ears. It’ll get a place in the garden next year. Will probably just grow it, and maybe some more popcorn, but no Silver Queen. A nice white corn, but HS spoils you.


Man, the ragweed must be going full force these days. Been sneezing mucho the last couple of days. I took a generic Claritin about an hour ago and that helped a lot. Anyone else having allergy issues?


Headed to the U-pick today. It’s crazy. We are about tired of apples but I want to see the orchard and feel bad about not buying anything. So we’ll have apples! I do want their Honeygold. They were delicious last year.
I want to plant HoneyGold but cannot find a tree. Anyone know where to get one?


These guys know how to grow apples.


All those apples are impressive but the tree looks runted out from being over cropped.


Don’t tall spindles look more or less like that generally?


On a whole different note, I just tasted a fig labeled Salce for the first time. I got a strong honeydew melon flavor from it with a sticky sweetness and a little seed crunch. My wife’s response was that she was glad she didn’t try it because she doesn’t like honeydews. Fortunately for me, this plant has a dozen or so figs. Muahaha!


I should have shown some perspective. That tree is somewhere near 10+ ft tall and the apples are bigger than baseballs. All those nice ones on the top I could not even think about reaching.


I up-potted a few persimmons from 3-gallon air pots to 5-gallon air pots. They’re not the best of pictures but you can see that these types of pots do a great job of building a dense and fibrous root system. The long term goal with these persimmons is to grow them in trashcans on wheels, so I can bring them inside during the winter. I figured I’d build up the roots this way instead of letting a single tap root grow and coil around a taller container.


I picked about 2 dozen Gala apples yesterday and left 2 or 3 times that on the tree

I also got my final peaches of the season, 12 Victoria peaches. Unfortunately, 10 were on the ground (but only 2 were completely unusable). Only 2 were left on the tree.

My Indian Free died this year, and this was the first year my Victoria produced so I don’t know which is later, or better.