What is going on today 2017?


I think this will be my last rose of the year:


My daughter as Clara in the Nutcracker Saturday. She’s center in white. Yes, sometimes the apple DOES fall pretty far from the tree.


Beautiful!!! I know you are very proud!!!


We got our box of pears from the FFA last week. A nice big box of green d’anjou . Most are in the fridge but I let one set on the counter . When I got home today it was just right to eat ,so juicy that I had to stand over the kitchen sink to eat it , almost no grit. nothing left of it but a stem and a core not much bigger than a quarter. What a great pear


Just received my Felco Victorinox grafting knife. It was an early Xmas present to myself. I’m excited to learn a new skill in grafting. I have been reading about it on this forum and watching videos online. Will cut some scions and starting practicing ASAP.

Have a great day everyone.







I just chip-budded Margil in September and it is too early to know if any callused properly. In case there is success, I wonder if you found its bloom frost sensitive? Albemarle Cider suggests it might be.

(I’m trying for something with big flavor, so also got Lamb Abbey Pearmain going on Bud118 cleft graft last spring. It was late to callus but grew right through our 80 days without rain.)


I’ve never found any apples frost sensitive in my climate so I can’t add much. Margil has fruited all the years it bloomed from my memory,


Good to know. I haven’t seen direct evidence of frost-sensitive bloom on the apples grown here, either. Earliest to bloom and set fruit so far are Rambour Franc, AKA Summer Rambo, and Bardsey.

RF/SR set loads of fruit with only the rare viable seed this season, so they were small. Gotta get an early bloomer or two on site for it! Bardsey bloom is simultaneous, but not nearly as many flowers yet, perhaps not even a tithe of the amazing waxy white debut bloom of RF.


It’s the last day for this thread. Have a happy new years!!


How is this trellis doing this season Dave? Looks promising.


It’s doing well thanks. There are a few things I will likely change though. It’s located on a very slight slope and it’s been hard for me to keep mulch under the plants. I need to install some landscape timbers or some type of box framing to act as a catch for the mulch. It’s really gotten overrun with weeds. I just pulled weeds last night and there isn’t much mulch left. I posted some pics of this year’s florocanes in the raspberry thread.


Question is for black rot on grapes:

Is there any advantage to mixing captan with Mancozeb and spray at the same time?
Maybe more basic question can the two be mixed together without harming the vine?


You should be able to mix those two. You can’t mix Captan and oil but it should be OK with mancozeb. Check the label to be sure though.


I have to thank @Drew51 again for his kind gift. I hope I can taste one of these before the squires. I planted them in the middle of my mother of thyme I wonder if that will repel them. So far I managed to eat a few of the other strawberries I planted.


Cool, yes mine are getting there had mara des bois already. None of mine are red yet, so you can tell your a zone higher than me. MdB was great as ever. Everybody should grow those. My pineberries are growing the most berries I ever seen them produce. I just re-did this bed with runners. And new plants of Archer, Rutgers, and others. Anyway I first planted these in 2013. Replacing now with new plants I saved, it’s working great. Today’s offspring are performing better than the mother plants.

Growing plants adapted to your area is always a good idea. So last year I put in Mesabi Strawberry - Introduced by the U of MN and USDA breeding cooperative. The berries range in size from large to medium, typical for this one. It is supposed to be very sweet even when not fully ripe. It produces a lot of runners, but now I have 4 of them and they look so healthy, all loaded with berries. Doing better than Archer, and others too.


Hello, so how did your Scarlet Crush do this year? 2nd summer for it I believe for you.
Curious as I tried the Jazz Apple recently which is a HC/PL cross and it was the best Apple I ever tasted. Surely with the same parents these Stark Scarlet Crush apples are similar.


It did not do very well. Not much growth on the tree. Not sure why. I did however have pretty nice growth on a Scarlett crush graft I placed on another apple tree of mine. I hope to get a few fruit next year to sample.


Well at least some good news! Look forward to your reviews when you do get a chance to sample. :slight_smile: