What is the next step for these apple grafts on rootstocks?

The taller one is a Honeycrisp, and the other is a Gravenstein:

The Honeycrisp had 3 branches and I pinched the tips on the two lower ones to encourage the top shoot. It’s growing fast and the next lower branch has sprouted another growth tip.

The Gravenstein has two branches and I pinched the tip of the lower one. This tree is growing slower but looks healthy.

I’ve seen a few rust spots on both of their leaves and am using a fungicide. Some of the leaves on the Honeycrisp have a couple of shades of green on them, lightgreen and dark green, but I haven’t addressed that yet.

The different color (shades of green) on the HC leaves are nothing to even think about and you have the myclobutanil (Immunox) for the rust, right?
If your graft is high enough it looks like you could add some soil to the pot with the smaller tree.

I’d say your set…keep watering and a bit of fertilizer.

From what I can see they look pretty healthy. At this point I would leave them in the pots until later in the fall, before planting them. Make sure they are well protected once you put them in the ground, all sorts of critters like to eat young apple trees. They might need a little osmocote at some point before going into the ground. Good job!

Thanks guys, ok status quo for now.

Well, I’m actually using Spectracide for the rust because it also treats the leaf spot on my strawberries.

Dormant copper spray before buds break is best for treating apple rust.