What is this cute little red-fleshed apple? (Maiden Blush mislabel?)


Picked up this interesting specimen at a market in Napa, California. It claimed to be “Maiden Blush” (not Maiden’s Blush) but that doesn’t seem to match any of the several descriptions I found online for it. The texture was mealy so it’s not at the top of my to-grow list but I love red-fleshed apples so I’d enjoy identifying it. Notes: a little smaller than a standard apple but not crabby at all, very very juicy, delicious sweet/tart flavor, with interesting notes of both muscat and caramel. The other specimen I ate tasted similarly but had an even redder and more streaky interior than the one in this picture. A very pretty apple. Curious if it would escape the poor texture if picked earlier!


I’d say that’s likely a Strawberry Parfait (NJ46). Mine are nearly ripe, and I’m nearby but in a somewhat cooler area (Point Reyes). They’re generally soft, but I wouldn’t describe them as mealy when picked at the right time. They’re tasty enough, especially right off the tree, that I don’t mind the texture. They also make a good light pink apple sauce.