What is this fabric on my bareroot trees? Will it hurt?

Received a mishirasu asian pear from raintree and I noticed some sort of planting fabric in and around the roots. Particularly concerning was that it seemed to be tightly bound around the root crown. To add to the mystery I subsequently received a B.P. Moretini pear from Trees of Antiquity with the same fabric stuff. ToA markets itself as more high-end, so I was surprised with my discovery.
I’m assuming this is planting fabric from when the rootstocks were grown and weren’t fully removed. Will this hurt the trees at all?

Looklike burlap

Shouldn’t hurt.


I assume they lay out a V and put down a polyliner or burlap and fill it with woodchips or sawdust for there bareroot trees for easy pulling. I would soak the tree in water and kelp for a hour+ and if its black its poly and rip it out and if its brown and burlap leave it.

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That makes a lot of sense. I’ll give them a nice soak.

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