What is this on my Honeycrisp?

I have clipped off several of these in the last few day. small branches with the leaves dying like this commonly an apple is included. the white is Surround. What is it and how do I address proactively.

Is it fire blight?

It looks like fireblight. It is a disease that has many different looks depending on the weather and where the strike happened etc.

I’m seeing a lot of fireblight on my pears and a little on my apples this year. We are having excellent fireblight weather this year in the Midwest. Lots of temps in the 70s or low 80s with torrential rains.

Looks to be a huge FB year here in the northeast. Saw the worst case of it in my live on a mature orchard of seedling rootstock apple trees about a week ago- two pear trees in the mix were fine. Some younger Cortlandts were the worse hit. Hopefully the size and vigor of the trees will see them through it.

I was at another site with the typical scattering of strikes on susceptible apples, but a couple of the pears there that were hit last year are suffering again- I’m afraid it will enter the big wood this time.

Last year was the worst in my state for FB since I began growing fruit here- now this one may turn out to be worse than last. Very strange- a warm spring has so many virtues as far as setting a good crop but like so many things involved in growing fruit, some bad comes with the good.

Fruit set across species this year is as heavy as I’ve ever seen. Thinning is going to be an expensive process for my customers.

thanks guys. I planted a pear tree last year for my little nephew. It got a little fireblight last year but clean this year, so I let that throw me off FB. I’ll stay on the ball with pruners

Fire light seems likely, but it also looks a lot like the damage I see sometimes from ofm in he shoots, especialy if we have a high heat (water stress to compromised shoot) followed by cooling and damp.

That’s easy to check though, as you will find damage and a larva at base of shoot if you snap it off.

Just reread your post, apples are rarely included in the damage I described