What is this weed?

This crap is everywhere. Between this and Japanese Stiltgrass, it probably makes up about 90% of my weeds.

Lady’s Thumb, Persicaria maculosa

It’s an invasive plant that was introduced to the U.S. in the 1840’s. I have a field that, by midsummer, is completely covered with that stuff. It is edible and pretty mild in taste, similar to lettuce.

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Have you had luck in controlling either one? We have a lot of Japanese Stiltgrass here and I’ve been trying to eradicate it for the past few years. There are various selective herbicides that will work on “weed grasses” without much impact on anything else. Fusilade II is a bit expensive (all of them are), but seems to work fairly well for me.

Hand pulling, careful applications of glyphosate, smothering with cardboard. That’s about it.

What’s so bad about it? Does it spread by rhizome? If it’s edible I think I’d probably be ok with it.

What’s your favorite metal band? I’m going with King Diamond, Megadeth, and Iron Maiden.

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It covers every bare square inch of soil in a week.