What is wrong with my apple trees?

The tips of the leaves of two apple trees, that are next to each other, turned yellow and now some of these leaves are turning brown at their tips. Leaves are also curled. I also noticed that some of the strawberry plants ( 3rd picture) planted near the trees had similar symptoms.
What is wrong with my plants???

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Look to be nutrient deficiency. I am not sure what. I have tried to study plant nutrient deficiency these past few weeks. It is difficult as several look very similar.

I don’t even want to guess. You can look up pics of plant nutrient deficiency and figure it out.

Another possibility with the apple trees is leafhopper damage. Had a lot of that on my trees when they were younger. Apparently they will also hit strawberries:



I also have those yellow areas on apple leaves on a couple trees, especially the Gravenstein. Might it be farm spray drift from the nearby corn field?

I did spray Roundup in the yard but was careful to keep the spray away from my trees and strawberries. Also, there was no wind when I sprayed. My trees do not display the symptoms of Round up damage described here: Glyphosate damage in apple and cherry orchards - MSU Extension
Nearby older apple, a pear and a peach shown no signs.

Seconded that. Mine look the same when I don’t catch them in time. Ants on the trees has been another clue for me.

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Interesting - hadn’t noticed the ant connection.

From what I’ve seen, very young trees seem to have the most problems with leafhoppers. I’ve had some newly grafted trees really get wrecked, but once they get a few years in, they don’t seem to be affected very much.

Yes, the ants come for the honeydew, they might even protect the leafhoppers in some way like they do with psylla. I’ve got a recent flush of growth on all my trees which has attracted leafhoppers but it’s too hot to spray for neem, so I’ve just been trying to squish them. My trees are young though, I’m glad to hear that they will be less affected as time goes on.

I have not seen any insects on any of these trees, so could it really be leafhoppers?

@Vlad, you would see the leafhoppers scatter when you come up to the tree, or they hide from you by circling away from you on a stem. It also could be something else if you aren’t seeing insects. Are they young trees? We’ve had really hot days in the south, and the drastic change in temps could be affecting them too. Are you spraying them with anything, even organic? I’ve damaged leaves before with neem and fish emulsion in hot temperatures before.

kdegs, they are all young trees. I don’t remember if I sprayed them with neem oil but that would not explain why my strawberries have same symptoms. Yes, it has been hot here.

My young apple tree did the same thing with the multi colored leaves. They would have chartrues to yellow mottling. I couldnt figure it out, so I started pouring 5 gallon buckets of miracle grow mixed up to instructions around the tree every year . It cleared up the next year and is fine. It has about 20 apples on it now, so it worked for me. Im not sure what happened in that spot, as I have Plums and Pears in the same area and they were fine.