What is Wrong With My Blueberry - Indented Leaves?

My young blueberry has indents on all of the leaves. Does anyone know the cause / solution?

That could be Blueberry Leaf Mottle Virus.Hopefully,your place is not in Michigan.

It sure looks like that, but I am not in Michigan, and the plant is 1? year bare root planted only a couple months ago.

I suppose my only solution if it is viral is to remove the plant entirely?

Did you spray with with anything? I noticed mine starting to do that but not until I started spraying fungicide (Everything in my hot, muggy yard is fungalizing so I was trying to premept problems.).

No, I haven’t sprayed anything. The only thing that I did do was give that bush, and all of the others, some very diluted vinegar water 1+ week ago, in an effort to add some acidity to the soil. All of the others look fine.