What is your Tip OF The Day?


I get that every year. Is why I bag pears


Bagging takes a little extra time but it has been my best method as of now to get pristine frut.


This is my first year for getting apples and bagged all I could after thinning, so far I am very happy with the way my apples look, not a mark on them.
Very excited to taste my first apple.

Hopefully the squirrels are not as excited as I am.


I say a LOT of extra time, but it does work


Many forum members have reported squirrels getting their bagged fruit but I haven’t had a problem. Hope it stays that way.


Squirrels sometimes bite through bags to eat fruit, sometimes they take fruit away with bags and all.


Awww, there goes mommy squirrel with her shopping bag full of peaches. Lol


I had a peach branch wrapped in 1/4 inch wire mesh protecting the last peach. A squirrel chewed the branch till it dropped to the ground and then tried to eat it through the mesh. Ripping apart the ziplock and nylon bags I tried is sadly easy for them.


That was a hungry squirrel.


That makes no sense- why would the squirrel fell a branch it could easily climb on? Truly amazing. I’ve heard that in Texas there are squirrels that actually chew through chicken wire.


My father claimed that rats could chew through concrete!


After reading many heart-breaking posts about squirrels (etc) pilfering well-cared for fruit, I’ve concluded that if I don’t plan ahead to protect what I’m growing, best save myself dissappointment and don’t grow it. So far the best options seem to be:
a) eliminate them, and I don’t mean removing them**
b) shock them
c) all of the above

**Hoping this does not offend, but, many of us feel awful having to kill anything whether on moral grounds or whatever. Me too. But I remind myself of what I read in the 1st book of an ancient middle-eastern spiritual text, that God killed the first animal purposely. And there is no moral code higher than He. Just sayin’


Father Knows Best


I have no problem killing pests. I work too hard for the little bit I get when they are done.

Can chicken wire fencing be used as an electric fence?


Yes it can. However it’s going to be more difficult to keep it from grounding out on something. It’s hard to stretch it out smooth and all those wiggles and kinks are going to want to touch something that will ground it out. Other than that it should work fine.


I don’t blame anyone for eliminating animals that take the food you’ve put hours and hours of blood, sweat, and tears into.

I’ve often wondered though, for people too squeamish to take care of the problem, if a few outdoor cats or small terriers would do the trick?


It can work very well - depending on the pest - depending on the cat


if you only feed them at supper time they will be hungry most of the day. bad news for squirrels and mice!


a well sighted in .22 cal rifle is indispensable to ridding your yard of the furry tailed rats! pellet guns for you city folk! bury them in your compost pile or make squirrel gravy!


had a bunch of crows eating my strawberries then blueberries. shot 2 of them and let them lay in the yard for a few days. no more crow problems. theyre a smart bird.