What is your Tip OF The Day?


I put these in the freezer and plan to take out a few along for snacks. I think this variety will be better used for jelly and jam but this year I was looking for a quick way to preserve them. As my table type muscadines fruit more they will become my frozen snacks but I’m not there yet. You might want to freeze a few just to see if you like them this way.


Several years ago frozen seedless grapes was served at a chamber of commerce meeting and I have off and on done this since then especially when I have an excess. Muscadines have seeds so I’m not sure everyone would want them frozen.


I freeze these also. Before I freeze them I wash and dry so all I have to do is take out the portion I want. I almost prefer frozen fruit to ice cream.


Since I have been freezing fruit I’m amazed that more people don’t do it. I prefer eating them half frozen.


great tip


I gave my 4 y/o grandson fresh blueberries this year. He tasted, quit eating, and said he wanted “cold blueberries” instead! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Glad you posted it. When I started this topic my hopes was to get a great list of tips in one place without worrying about duplicates. Don’t hesitate in the future if you have tips.


Ha, I hear you. When I drilled thru my finger this summer while building the deck I spent the time in emergency apologizing to the nurses for my “garden hands”.


My other hobby has been fish keeping in home aquariums. When I clean the freshwater tanks or their filters I use the waste water to fertilize and water my plants/trees at the same time. Also, when any fish dies or I’m cleaning some salmon or other fish, I save the dead fish and guts in the freezer for use when I’m potting up tomato seedlings or fruit/citrus trees. I add the frozen fish/waste by having a layer of soil on the bottom, then the fish & then a thin layer of soil on top before I sit the roots in place. This keeps the frozen fish from damaging the roots and as I water the pot, the roots will stretch down into that nutrient rich layer and feed the plant. I freeze this smelly stuff to minimize the odors around the pot that would attract raccoons, skunks, cats and rodents. I even added frozen salmon guts into a foot deep trench in my garden box (which my buddy was convinced would be dug up that night by varmints) and it worked great. I use organic means to grow my fruits and vegetables so freezing fish guts and dead aquarium fish is one way to recycle those nutrients while minimizing damage from varmints. If I used the fish waste fresh, all the drippings would be like a varmint magnet for sure. Freezing minimizes the mess. Sometimes I’ll defrost halfway so I can chop up the big chunks into usable sections and then refreeze until I need them at planting time.



Great tip! Makes excellent fertilizer. Sometimes I save my fish carcasses in heavy duty double trash bags and fill with water. The bags are tied up and left in my boat garage for about 3 days. I then cut small hole in bottom of bag and water the really nasty water to whatever needs help. This works great for me, I dispose the remaining carcass on trash day.


good tip


You know you’re hooked …


there is a lake near me thats infested with junk fish species. i go fishing there for 2-3 hrs. and fill a garbage can with fish. i then layer them in hardwood sawdust. breaks down very fast. in 3-4 mo.makes nice black compost! no smell!


Kathryn, I freeze my grapes by first placing a dish towel on a cookie sheet and then washing the grapes with running water using a strainer (never wash produce by soaking - it carries the risk of contaminating with bacteria). Then I empty the grapes on the cookie sheet. After carefully drying the grapes with dish towels, I place the cookie sheet with the grapes in the freezer. After the grapes are frozen, I seal them in bags using my vacuum sealer. Back into the freezer they go. Its always important to have the freezer on a setting so that the grapes will freeze quickly. Hope this helps.


I do, and a huge extra fridge as well.


WHAT!! Bill I think the southern heat has finally hit you. Dude, its ice cream! In fact I can hear it calling me now, Eat me, Eat me!!


I like fruit…on my ice cream!


I prefer warmed fruit on top of home made ice cream.


almost prefer frozen fruit to ice cream.

Even a poor attorney would know to leave a little wiggle room in his statements. Your right, nothing is better than ice cream.


I feel better now!:yum: