What is your Tip OF The Day?


This brought tears to my eyes, Bill. Very well said . . . and very beautiful. - karen


I’m selling my home soon and decided to disguise my septic system tops and aerator system with 2 chairs and some planters. I made the planter so I can still move them to access the lids.

All I have to do now is find some flowers that bloom from May to August and flowers that my deer won’t eat.


Thanks for the tip. I’m sure these ideas will help others when they are face with similar circumstances.


Nice job of decorating the area.


It’s the grafting season for us. I have a lot of untagged grafted varieties in the trees. In attempt to better labelling each variety this year, I bought this tool from habitat’s Restore for a quarter. I can punch a hole on my plastic labels (for veggies as well) made from broken vertical window blind. I write the cultivar name on it and use a piece of thin wire to secure it next to the grafted joint. After the graft take I will make a permanent metal label ($15/50) to replace it. This way, I maximize material recycling and it costs the least to serve the purpose.


Great tip. This also reminds me to replace my temporary graft labels.


use a #2 pencil on those blinds and it lasts for years.


Do you want to double your money on that hole punch?


:joy::joy:This is funny


I might try the #2 pencil.thanks


I’m still rototilling some of those labels up from four - five years ago that I can still read that were buried in the dirt.


Right, It is the UV ray that makes the permanent marker or ink faded away.


@rayrose I have for the last four years bought a couple borer fly pheronome lures from Gardens Alive in Indiana. I use a cut off milk gallon jug coated with tangletrap on the inside, and come mid to late summer, it is infested with borer flys stuck on the inside.


@auburn don’t forget to remind people to wear glasses when working with steel wire. Historically, in American manufacturing, before everything went to China, people were loosing a eye when working with wire, and it is one of the reasons safety glasses are required in industries that are still here.


Thanks for the reminder. Safety first is always best.


I tried something this year that didn’t work nicely, so it’s kind of a tip. Not that it was a good idea to start with, lol.

I saw PC bites on my Bruce plums, but I knew I had a lot of thinning to do because the branches were already burdened with baby fruit. So I waited a few days to spray the curative insecticide I use (acetimiprid in this case).

Don’t wait. I’m losing more plums than expected.

(In my defense, too, I have a bad neck/back problem and thinning is one orchard chore that really irritates it! :slight_smile: )


Thanks for the tip. Your health/back should always take first place in my opinion.


PC don’t share nicely


I am not telling my farmer FB or real lifefriends of this group. They might show up. Like politicians, Facebook needs its own space.


Cool! I have little money, so I placed ahumble bird feeder or waterer on top. Plants around it disguise it as well.