What is your Tip OF The Day?


I was checking for some info about a knife sharpener and saw this little video.It will probably work in a pinch,if a stone or strop isn’t available.bb


“Do not put off til tomorrow what you can do today!”


Great tip. I’m also guilty especially during our hot summer time.


Posted this tip in the grafting thread also. This is just a reminder to all the grafters , not to touch the cut surface of the scions or rootstocks because oils from your skin prevent the graft from taking. Sometimes i see pictures or videos of someone holding the cut surface and i know the graft will fail.


Thanks for the tip. Graft failure can in many cases be attributed to overlooked handling techniques. If grafting inside I usually wash my hands before starting and also avoid touching the fresh cut.


I have taken to carrying a half dozen or so brightly colored clothes pins in my pocket to mark my trees for further attention.

I am currently battling black knot and it seems that I always see a BK strike when I have no pruners on me or it is high enough up in the tree that a ladder is needed. I go back later and half the time I can not locate it again. So now, I mark the tree with a bright clothes pin and have little problem finding it.


Hi Patrick do your borer fly traps attract any beneficials? Im always worried about collateral loss


Great idea. I have also started using clothespins for several applications. The ones I have are made from plan unpainted wood. Are yours painted or are they made from colored plastic?


Colored plastic, think these are the ones…https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003XHD4QO/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1


Funny . . . I’ve never noticed ‘these things before your post’! And we took a country drive last weekend - and low and behold - there were a ‘line of green things’ in someone’s yard!