What kind of apricot is this?

I just bought some California apricots from local grocery store. I put a large grade A egg there for size reference. It’s in large peach size! I am wondering what kind of apricot nowadays can this big!


I might be wrong, but they look a little shinier than a typical apricot, could it be a hybrid?

Very possible. It indeed has less hair. Could it be a aprium?

Each weight about 6~7 oz. Just ate one, taste terrible.

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Always suspicious of overlarge fruit

The big ones usually do.

I got some apricots like that once. Mine also tasted terrible…

Most likely, it’s variety named “Poppy”, Poppy Apricot | Dave Wilson Nursery. It is very popular with commercial growers in California. An abomination of a fruit.


Even tree ripened?

I don’t have experience with this particular variety, but not every fruit can be saved by tree ripening. Of course it will be better, but better than terrible not always suffices to be good.