What kind of cherry is this?

At a local camping park. The bushes are very old tall, gnarly, with thick trunks. I think nanking is a bit larger fruit? Sand cherry doesn’t live as long?


Don this website may have your answer

Nanking. can tell by the light colored fuzzy underside of the leaves. sour cherries are much darker and shiny. Nanking’s are smaller fruited also. i have a red and a white fruited one.

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This one is so different to other bushes I have harvested that it threw me off. The other bushes were not as tall, the fruits were much larger and more sour. These are half the size but much sweeter.

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my father grew some 25 years ago that were small like that. mine are a little smaller than carmine jewel. maybe a improved plant from the older ones? there are named cultivars of them in Europe and Asia but ive yet to find them offered here.

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