What peppers are you planning to grow in 2017?


My first pepper came up today, looks like a long chocolate habanero.


I think this year I am going to grow Jalapeños only and all in pots. These are the ones I will grow unless I find more varieties in my stash.

Fooled You
NuMex Jalmundo
Mucho Nacho
NuMex Piñata
Biker Billy
NuMex Vaquero


Well you can’t have too many!! I have Jumbo, seed from another grower, never grew out yet, will this year. I have some hybrid seed too, not growing this year. I have saved hybrid seed too, it won’t be true, but will be a jalapeño!


Jalaro did well for me last year,nice color,and flavor tho not much heat.Is biker billy as hot as they say?
I also saw that you grow my favorite pepper the ricoto,between those early japs and cherry types and fish for me this year.


Red savina habanero and hatch chile popping up tonight!


I’m growing seed this year that was damaged or are getting old.
I always grow hatch chili peppers, these are becoming my regulars
Nu Mex Big Jim Heritage
Big Jim Legacy
Nu Mex Heritage 6-4
Joe E Parker

Spanish Mammoth if I can salvage any?
Etiuda Sweet
Sweet White Bell
Scotch Bonnet Orange
Star Of Turkey
Bhut Joloka White
El Jefe F1 hybrid jalapeno
Purple jalapeno
Nu Mex Vaquero jalapeno

I may adjust list add or subtract.


Your hatch peppers must do ok in your climate. I am starting these for my dad. He grew up in New Mexico and hasn’t had a hatch chili in years. I hope they grow good for him. How productive is this chile?


I found those cultivars to be the most productive. and best tasting. The good thing is they taste authentic even if light harvests. Last year we had a drought and the plants were in containers, they loved it! Each plant produced over 20 peppers. But it was an exceptional year. I harvested over 100 peppers The year before production was about 10 to 15 per plant, closer to 10! One I think had 15. Guesstimates, I never counted them. This year I’m going to see which tastes best to me. I’m going to store them by variety. Make 4 batches of my chili stew with each variety, and see what I like best. I use some for chili powder, and some for other dishes that call for green chili peppers. I just freeze in small batches, grilled or roasted, and skinned. Ready to use.
These plants produce large chili’s or chile’s however you wish to spell,


Thanks for the details Drew, I have not grown this type of pepper much.


We’ve settled on just a few varieties; this year it’s Anchos, Big JIm, Early Jalapeno and a few sweet peppers just for “visitors”. None of these are exceptionally hot but they do have some kick to them.

Never having grown Anchos/poblanos before I was curious if anyone here smokes/dries them themselves and how they do that.


I dry mine, but last year was the first year. I have a cheap dehydrator, it works OK, not great. I use them to make a chli powder. I add dried ripe red big Jim’s or any green chili, I roast Cumin seeds, and a dry some garlic cloves to powder, mix and use as chile powder. Lately my green chile peppers have been hot, you can add dried hot pepper to meet you hotness level. I didn’t this year. My greens were very hot this year! ( last year)


Thanks Drew. So is the smokey flavor in the commercial Anchos just from the pepper itself (I didn’t notice it in the fresh ones), or do they add smoke flavor to them?


No, to tell the truth those store bought are better! I think they smoke dry them. I have a smoker, and I guess you would skip the water, and just smoke, I could do this, but it take all day! Is not cheap either for wood, charcoal etc. And what wood to use?
Some dry ones I just pulled out. I used to half them, these were small anchos. Now I dry whole, I poke them to vent water inside. These were some hybrid type, and I don’t like them. I’m going to try other varieties in the future.

I may try smoking next year, not just anchos, but any pepper I turn into powder.


I have the below sprouting now
Long chocolate habanero
Red savina habanero
Chocolate habanero
Ancho mulato
Hatch chile
Floral gem
Cayenne gold

Still waiting for the below to poke out
Trinidad scorpion butch t
Rocoto de seda
Habenero tree


Looks like a similar inventory of peppers I have, from a certain pepper piper in Michigan :grinning:. Man, you got some hot ones going there, I wonder which is hotter, the habs or the Trinidad Scorpion. I’m guessing the TD. But, I think you mentioned earlier that you don’t mind the hot ones?


I would guess the Trinidad scorpion, yes i bet that is his starter kit for pepper newbies, lol. If I get one up and get peppers it will probably end up as powder. I do like them hot, but the hottest thing I normally eat is just a plain habanero, I will have to be a little more careful with these.


I am planning on planting the following for 2017:
Jimmy Nardello
Aji Amarillo*
Alma Paprika*
Cherry Bomb

  • = first time growing
    Maybe some other varieties too, depending on space.


this is what I will grow:
Gypsy hybrid - white to orange to red, best producer
Early Sunsation - yellow, new to me this year
Gournet - orange, new to me this year
Baron - red, new to me this year
Blight Buster - red, came as free sample this year, will see.
Merlot - black, new to me this year


Good to know about Anchos. I wonder if a spray or dunk into some “Liquid Smoke” would have the same effect. If they grow, I’ll have to experiment.


Hey Steve, I’ve grown them and done many things with them - dried, made a verdurette, etc. It is still too hot for me. When I was searching for recipes and how they are used I saw folks on youtube holding them over an open gas flame in the kitchen to blacken them. Some did this on the grill. My impression was that was how they were ‘smoked’ - maybe wrong.
I blacken sweet red bells under the broiler. It gives a wonderful smoked flavor. Then I can them for winter.