What pest is this?

Hello everyone,
Today I find there are a few pests on the eggplant leaves. Here is the picture of a pest after I put it on a rock, squeezing its body at the middle:

In a closer look, I see many tiny eggs on the leaves:

Can you please tell me what pest this is?
How can I treat the leaves?

Thanks in advance

How do you know it was a pest? Have you noticed any damage? I can’t tell much from the first picture, but in the second picture it looks like many of your eggs have legs. So those might be thrips. Those are definitely pests.

I just guess they are pests at this moment, but the soft caterpillar like worms generally are not good.
One can see there are some brown spots on this eggplant, while other eggplants have no such spots.

Here is a picture of the whole worm at the center:

Thanks again

I’m not sure what the worm is but what’s on your leaves in your second pic looks like green aphids to me. You can see the adults if you zoom in. I have a crazy amount of aphids on my plants this year.

I agree, there are definitely a lot of aphids on the leaves. The worm like things might actually be ladybug larvae, but I can’t tell from the picture. I don’t spray anything for aphids anymore, since I’ve gotten enough of a ladybug population in my gardens that they keep them in check. So definitely make sure they things you’re putting on the rock are bad before squishing more.

Just found this web site ’

(edit funny I just got done with a post on lace wings seconds ago)they are good
that one on the rock looks like a lacewing they eat aphids )

Kind of funny I think , and stupid at the same time (depending on mood I suppose)

Debris-carrying larvae may use plant material,
prey remnants or waxy secretions to aid in camouflage as protection from predators.


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