What plums are blooming in oregon (Willamette valley)

Hi, I live in newberg zone 8b and was wondering if anyone had or knew of plums blooming right now because I need to get a pollinator. Thank you!

Are yours Asian or European?


I’m across the (Columbia) river, my European plums haven’t bloomed yet.

Japanese plums, pluots, cherry plums, and peaches are n bloom here.

I’m in Tacoma, WA. Right now my Toka (Bubble Gum) and Stanley plums are blooming like crazy. My 3 in 1 Pluot and my 4 in 1 Japanese are blooming too. My green gauge is not even swelling yet.

Thanks. This is allegedly a green gage

in eugene, usually a touch warmer than anything north, japanese plums are done (dropping petals), stanley euro is in full bloom, and italian euro is just starting to bloom

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this document has bloom charts for euro and japanese plums in corvallis. this is the best somewhat-controlled test report for plums here that I’ve seen. it gave me a couple ideas for things to try to get scion wood of next year (burbank and red ace. burbank isn’t rare but red ace is)


If the tree is an Old Green Gage,then a pollinator will be needed,but the Reine Claude de Bavay,is self fruitful,though another variety will be helpful.

I’m up in east pdx and right now my satsuma asian plum is just getting done, shiro asian is in full bloom, santa rosa asian is in full bloom and my unknown euro (probably italian prune) is just getting started.

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You should post pictures it seems you may have a asian or american plum as i thought most green gages were late blooming euro plums?

I’m in Vancouver and my reinette mirrabelle is blooming yesterday haven’t been out yet o the orchard to see what else in a few but I saw some gages almost there about 5 days ago.