What pollinates gages

so I have a gage (Reine Claude de Bavay ) which actually has flower buds. It is a single branch grafted on Coe’s, which either blooms later or isn’t ready to flower…either way,. there are no clear, near-to-open buds except my lone gage.

So, I am thinking of doing some stealth-assist by cutting a branch from elsewhere and hanging it in the tree during peak bloom for the gage. My question is, assuming overlapping flower time, would wild p Americana pollenize the gage? A Japanese? Or do I need to either wait or find something like a Stanley to but a flowering branch from?

Thanks, all…

other European plums (prune), gages, damsons, cherry plums, mirabelles, bullaces. But a quick look up of that cultivar shows it to be self fertile. Also don’t just cut a branch with out proper nutrition the pollen wont develop.

Euro plums are pretty much self pollinating. Certain mirabelles like a pollinator, but there are so many varieties of mirabelles. All of my other euro plums take care of themselves. Since I have five Euro plums there might be an overlap of pollen, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Only pruning, and time, seems to make the difference in growth and amount of blossoms.

Bavay and CGD bloomed around the same time for me this year. Cambridge gage also bloomed during the same time.