What Pollinator do I need?

What Pollinator do I need for :

Flavor Surpreme and Plum Satsuma

Anyone has any suggestions please?

Most likely any plum or pluot that blooms at the same time will work. The issue with FS is that the flowers are not attractive to bees probably because the nectar is low in sugars, or at least not attractively scented.

In my yard in the N. CA foothills, Flavorosa pluot is an excellent pollinizer for FS. This year I had more FS’s that I could eat and give away. Flavorosa isn’t all that great, but in the 3 or 4 years that it’s been in the ground next to my 7 year old FS, FS has fruited like gangbusters. …as far as satsuma goes, I haven’t been that impressed with mine. The fruit are small and bland.