What’s worse, Polar Vortex or drought?

I am experiencing both this year, also previous years. I have an abundance pears that are not sizing up. Paw2 not sizing up.
My container tree’s take priority they are not dealing with either one weather related problems.
My 3 heavy pruned and repotted Smith figs showing new growth, heavy fertilizing, hopefully ready for winter. Stop fertilizing mid September, and less watering. Media is much different, also lighter, more larger perlite particles. Much different fertilizing application.
My newly 12 fig tree’s are doing extremely well, some are already growing in the final size containers, 15 gl.
My 700 gl supply of rainwater is dwindling down, maybe enough to the end of August. Have to add wellwater.

Some more Pomelo’s.

Mistery palm? Maybe Andrew could explain.

Figs? New ones.


Vortex. It kills trees outright. We had a bad drought last year that wasn’t fun to get through. I spent most of my time watering younger trees in the orchard and over 100 potted figs just to keep everything alive. But there wasn’t much fruit production since all the trees were really unhappy. They survived, though, and aren’t any worse for wear because of it. The only plants that have any carry over effects are the cane fruits. They didn’t send up many new floricanes last year to put out an early season crop this year.

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Drought! By far! (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden- Lynn Anderson - YouTube

Steve, you should appreciate what I am doing for you, I have send you a whole bunch of rain lately. Have you use any of it?

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Pretty pleasant weather here during a drought vs. what the “polar vortex” (e.g. normal winter weather in central MN) feels like.


If there is a source of water,then the cold might take more work to ensure the plants survival.

Polar vortex the worst by far!

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I got 6/10 of an inch last night into morning