What’s wrong with my granny smith tree?

I’ve had it in the ground for a few years, its shown very poor growth so far. Puts out a few flowers every year, but no fruit. Most of the leaves seem to succumb to something by summertime. Even if I spray for insects, I get die back like this happening:

I think it has fireblight, and I would replace it. Unless you’re particularly fond of GS you can find recommendations for fireblight resistant varieties here and elsewhere.


I agree with marknmt, looks like FB. I get rid of FB trees ASAP. I do not want that FB to spread throughout the rest of my orchard. Better safe than sorry. I tried cutting FB out of some trees over the years but it seemed to not help to stop it.

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Thanks a lot guys. That’s too bad. Granny Smith is my favorite apple, and you can’t buy it here in Japan. This is my only Apple tree.

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My area is very hot and humid in the summer. I’m guessing apples don’t like that, which is why I don’t see people growing apples in my area. Is this tree a lost cause and I should cut it down? It looks pretty miserable, lol,

Can you buy another GS apple tree? If so I would just replace that tree and start over. If you have the room for two trees I would plant another variety of apple to increase the production of the GS apples. Such as a Golden delicious apple variety. You could also get a crabapple to plant to cross pollinate the GS. You just have to make sure the crabapple is blooming at the same time as the GS apple such as a crabapple called “Snowdrift”. Just a suggestion. Good luck.

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I don’t know about growing apples in your area, but yes, I would remove the tree and start afresh.