What’s your piece of heaven looks like?

My piece of heaven is right here in the middle of the goooood old U.S.A. Called Arkansas.I took an small amount of effort to make it that way but finally got it.It took years though.

Entertaining galore. Neighbor at keyboard.


Very very beautifull landscape, Congratulations! :+1: :grin:

Beautiful! a labor of love! congrats!

Beautiful picture. love that lake in the mid of hills

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My cottage on Russel island. I have two gardens there.
No cars allowed. One bar. People use carts, golf carts, and bikes.

Dirt roads, peace and quiet.
My place

I used to go up in the winter. My dog is loving it. He has the place to himself!

The mighty St Clair river divides us from Canada and the US mainland. We are between the north and south channels.


if i ever get over your way, i have to go see your cabin!

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