What should I do about chafer bugs?

Hello everyone,
I planted a persimmon tree in the past March. Because I dig too small, too shallow then, I’d like to move the tree out and dig a bigger space for it. In the process of the move the tree out, I find 3 chafers around the tree root. I know chafer is bad to a tree root. Is there anything I can do now to prevent it from back to the root again?
BTW, I live in center of Texas.
I’d like to say more about my fruit trees. I planted 2 persimmon trees last March. I had dig a large hole for another persimmon tree two months ago.
Both persimmon trees were planted similar and 7 feet apart in the following description. When I dig a bigger hole, it was found the top 12 inches soil was black and some clay-like type. Below the top soil, there are some white, compact blocks. Obvious there is not much nutrition in these white compact blocks. The original hole diameter was 10 inches. It is found the tiny persimmon root hairs grow into the surrounding compact soil. Especially for the first persimmon tree, a few root hairs grew into the white blocks. That the first persimmon tree was rescued was very necessary because it went to the dormant state much earlier than the 2nd persimmon tree. And a few days ago, it was alive after I scratched its top bark (It was active green) a little.
These two persimmon trees are great ones to survive in such unfavorable soil. It is a big surprise to me to see how they survive underground. A few months ago, I knew Ellen-White method for a fruit tree. Although it may not be a strictly followed, I do my best to plant it better this time. I wish in the new bigger underground space both trees can grow and fruit much more happily in the coming years.

I appreciate that you share any idea and guidance knowledge with me.