What Should I graft onto this interstem?

What should I graft onto this Myrobalan Plum seedling interstem? The interestem is on my Luna Peach x Almond clone rootstock.

Should I graft Dapple Dandy Pluot, Sunrose Peacharine, Indian Free Peach, or Marcona Almond?

I apologize for the lack of foliage on the interstem. I forgot to water it. Sometimes I watered the plant once a week and sometimes I didn’t watered at all, as a result, the foliage got toasted by the 100 degree Farenheit weather.

I’d say Indian free peach but since it’s a pain in the ass to graft I’d choose something else. Lol

I saw a Sunrise Queen Peacharine from Kingsburg Orchards.Is that a different one? Brady

That’s a different peacharine. Mine is a proprietary Peacharine. I created it by crossing Elberta Peach, seed parent, x LeGrand Nectarine, pollen parent.