What Sweet Cherries can I Graft on Mahaleb?

Hi all,

I have some Mahaleb rootstock that I’d like to graft sweet cherry on to.

Can anyone suggest sweet cherries that I can graft on in the summer? I’ll be planting them in 5b.



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Thought I’d try again. Anyone know a way I could find out what sweet cherry cultivars I can graft on to Mahaleb rootstock?

Just about any AFAIK.

Look at this article. You probably get your answer.


I would go for Gisela 5 or 6. I never want tall cherry trees. Only birds benefit from them.

Thank you!

The article is very helpful, though I’m still a bit nervous. It says that Mahaleb has some Compatibility issues with Chelan and Tieton cultivars. Worse is that these are late developing issues causing the tree to die after about six years. I looked into both of those cultivars and saw that they are crosses including Stella, which was one of the cultivars I was planning to graft on. Should I be nervous about grafting Stella on to Mahaleb if it is one of the varieties that was crossed to create a variety that is known to be incompatible with Mahaleb? At this point, I’m thinking I might just play it safe and avoid Stella.

Thanks everyone!!


If I were you, I would avoid Mahaleb instead.

Those rootstocks are hot commodities and were difficult to procure. If you get a line on some, please let me know.:pray:t3:

This is late to order rootstocks. Wait till the fall to check nursery catalogs and order them at that time.

I don’t know which nursery carries Giselas these days. Raintree Nursery used to carry them. I do not care to grow sweet cherry any more because I can’t grow one that tastes as good as store-bought sweet cherries. Can’t believe I said that. All other fruit I grow taste better than store bought, but not cherries.

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