What temps can young Breba figs survive?

My Chicago Hardy has a bunch of Brebas right now. It’s not even fully leafed out. The brebas range in size from a marble down to a pea. I brought the tree inside last night but it wasn’t easy and a pain in the butt. The outside temps got down to 24 and my garage temp got down to 37. None of my other figs are as far along as the CH and are all quite smaller. I suppose they will be fine at 37. Now that the CH has figs growing I’m a bit more concerned. What do you think?

I’d try to keep them above 40, if possible. Definitely above freezing, 25F is generally seen as the temp when dormant breba buds will be damaged.

I’m in the same boat as you. I couldn’t bring myself to look at them when I left this morning.

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Same thing here. One of my older trees must have 60 Breba on it now and I’d hate to loose them all. They are in the greenhouse and covered in agribon with a propane heater running at night. Fingers crossed!

Last year, my Desert King had several nice breba fruit that were just few weeks away from being ripe. Then we got a cold spell in early May and these fruit just stopped ripening. By cold spell I mean day temps at low 60s and night temps at high 40s (i.e. cold relative to normal California weather at this time of year). I waited a couple months and finally just removed these fruit and threw them away when next wave of harvest started ripening on the tree.