What to do with a tree that hasn't broken dormancy

My Double Delight nectarine still hasn’t leafed out. A little background info, it had very little growth last year, 5 or 6 inches and has been in ground for 1.5 years, planted as a bare root.

It is starting to get warm consistently, 75-85 degrees. Everything on it is still green when scratched. Should I be watering it even though it doesn’t have leaves? Should I just cut my losses and pull it? Give it a few more months and then pull it?

Speak a prayer over it and pull it in the fall if it doesn’t wake up.

In your location you should be watering it year-round, less in the cooler months, moderate in the temperate months, and more in the hot summer weeks and Santa Ana conditions. For my conditions here in northern San Diego county, I water my fruit trees about once every 2-3 weeks in the winter, once every 10-14 days in spring and late fall, and once per week other times.

I’ve been watering it when it has been hot. I have a whole row of fruit trees next to the nectarine that I don’t water in the winter because the ground does not get much sunlight and stays pretty wet once irrigated or after a rain.

Maybe I’ll give the tree another few weeks and then cut my losses.

I have a potted apple seedling that was brought inside to prevent the roots from freezing and it got forgotten about. Spent too long indoors and is just now starting to push buds. It’s been outside on the deck since late April.
I thought it was a goner, but just like you, I kept scratching it and it was green so I waited.
I’ll probably graft it over in a week I guess.

I walked outside today to inspect my stick of a tree and there is one tiny green leaf that has emerged. I almost dropped my coffee. Crossing my fingers.