What to do with red currants

I just harvested about two cups of red currants from my bush. The only problem is that I don’t particularly care for red currants. White ones? I love that stuff, but reds are just too acidic and grassy tasting.

Does anybody care to volunteer a recipe for them? Usually they get chucked in the just-about-everything berry wine and that usually ends up pretty good.


I’ve mixed them with strawberries in jam, turns out great because the acidity balances the sweetness of the strawberries. They also have a good amount of pectin as well.

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I just made some diverticulitis-friendly blackberry butter by straining the seeds out of about a 1-liter freezer bag of blackberries and then blending it with two small yellow squash and 1/4 cup of sugar.

The squash really cut down on the tartness while the sugar enhanced the classic “blackberry pie” flavor. Maybe you can try thinning the currants out with a neutral-tasting ingredient like squash and see how you like it. If it tastes bad still you can add in other fruit from there.

I’m always just blending them with something else.

Is there anything good where they stand on their own?

People seem to like current jam and jelly a lot. Might be an option for you.

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I make syrup, use in cordials or with tonic and vodka. I much prefer black currant or raspberry syrup for that, but red currant isn’t bad either.
I like them in a peach and red currant crisp recipe. Any crisp recipe can be used. A little ice cream and you’re all set.
Some other ideas, I have about 25 red currant recipes. Look online for thousands of them.


Only reason I grow them is for using them as acidic matter when canning cucumbers and young zucchinis - my stomach do not tolerate vinegar.

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