What to do with This?

Thanks, I’m glad I found this great community on the web!:slight_smile:

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Here are some recent pics from my sister’s orchard.I spent a day or two this Spring,pruning and thinning fruit.Brady

Still working on the Grapes-May need a hedge trimmer or small chainsaw to remove old growth

The Peach tree after pruning-Also removed some fruit later

Bosc Pear

Comice Pear

Shiro Plum-At least someone can now almost walk underneath the trees

Some of the Plum trees still have way too much fruit

I planted some Blueberries there a few years ago and they all look about like this.I gave her some fertilizer to use after planting and last time there,she showed me the never used container.I don’t get it?


You have done a huge amount of work clearing around the trees. It looks great!

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Thanks Mrs.G.The Grapes are being a challenge,from years of no maintenance.But Clark told me not to try and change the world in a day.Good advice! Brady

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