What to do...?!?!

Hi again everyone!
I have a bit of a situation.
I received my strawberry bareroot plants yesterday and, of course, immediately put them in water to rehydrate for planting either last night or this morning. However! It snowed! :tired_face:
I have to get those plants out of the water but I can’t put them in this cold, right?!
So, what do I do? Can I put them in some potting soul for a few days until it warms back up on Sunday? Will they be ok if I do that? Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you!!

The plants should be fine planted out in cold weather.
Alternatively , you could wrap them in damp news paper in a plastic bag, stored in the refrigerator, until it’s nicer to work outside.
Don’t want to soak in water for more than ~ a day ~ 12 hrs.


Wrap them in wet towels, wet wood shaving…something damp but not real wet.
Then put in a plastic bag or a sealed container and put them where it will be between 32 and 60 degrees. (Unheated garage, for instance.) They’ll keep 2 or 3 weeks probably if necessary.


I often use my compost pile for a place to temporarily hold plants in pots or even bare root… until in ground conditions are good again.

Yours may be snow covered… but if not frozen… you could scrape the snow off the top… and heal them in.

I stored some bare root strawberries for a week or more last year like that… while waiting for my planting bed to dry out enough for planting.

I have stored new fruit trees like that before for 2-3 weeks… our springs are often quite wet…

Good Luck on the strawberries.


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did you get “friggo” plants? ie did they come from a fridge?
Or did you get bare root plants from someone with sandy soil that shook of the soil for lighter transport?

If you got the “comercial/professional” plants that are stored cooled to keep them artificaialy dormant. You can store them in your fride for weeks to months. If they were plants that came straight from the ground. Id still store them in the fride, in a plastic zip-lock freezer bagg. But be in more of a hurry to plant out (next 1-2 weeks. possible 3 weeks oky still)

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